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On the 29th April of this year the world witnessed the birth of a potential fashion superstar. She is classy, elegant, young and very British. The gown she wore was white and she walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey. But it’s not Catherine Middleton, it’s her younger sister Philippa. With all weddings the bride should traditionally be the refined cherry on the top of a colourful and vulgar garment cake (cough Princess Beatrice cough) but did Philippa manage to outshine our future Queen at her own wedding?

Within hours of the Royal wedding being broadcast, and watched by over 24 million people across the world, the first real sign of Philippa’s after effect was felt on Facebook. ‘Pippa Middleton for Rear of the Year’, ‘The Awkward moment when Harry dumps Chelsea to get with Pippa’ and ‘Pippa Middleton is smoking hot society’ are all Facebook groups with thousands of people joining them hourly since her soon-to-be-legendary appearance. Style judgement royalty including Elle and Vogue all had their piece to say about the latest Middleton on show. With the knockout success of her bridesmaid’s dress The New York Times wrote: ‘There was really no anticipation about Pippa’s dress. I can’t think of one where there was such a fuss over the bridesmaid’s dress.’

Both Catherine’s and Philippa’s dresses were designed by Sarah Burton under the label of Alexander McQueen. Both the garments and their creator were unanimously viewed as being the perfect choice, but to have two dresses competing against each other on Catherine’s big day, perhaps not the best idea?

Both dresses were white, a well known taboo in wedding knowledge. Both, in different ways, displayed the faultless figures of each of the Middletons. But Philippa’s dress took advantage of her maid of honour freedom, which saw the gown skimming across her body as if it were a second skin, leaving nothing to the world’s imagination. Another measurable feature that highlighted Philippa’s triumphant success was the demand for copies in Bridal stores. Manhattan dressmaker Faviana is also cashing in on Philippa’s success.

‘It almost looked like a bridal gown,’ said chief executive Omid Moradi. He remarked that ‘…before she even walked down the red carpet, we were getting calls from customers and consumers [asking], “When can we get it?” “I have an event next month, can I have it then?”‘

Philippa, like Kate, has a traditional English Rose look. Their chestnut hair, fresh-face make up and slender figures radiate a rare kind of healthy beauty in a time when plastic surgery is common practice. But when you place these two sisters side by side they have their very distinct differences. Philippa has a bronzed complexion and smaller eyes, with a slimmer, more defined face shape, which ages her slightly in comparison with her older sister. Nonetheless, she has a subtle sexiness, with her staple garment appearing to be a wrap-around dress. Whether it be daytime or evening, she tends to draw attention to her chest: V-necks, sweetheart necks and cowl necks are just some of the dipping down styles she tends to wear.

In the light of Philippa being seen as the ‘sexy’ Middleton, her sensual look keeps hitting the headlines and attracting the wrong kind of attention on a daily basis. Just recently it was reported that Philippa has been offered $5 million to do a porn movie in the US. The co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, Steve Hirsch, made this offer in which his letter was seen by US gossip website TMZ showed that the deal would be for Ms Middleton to appear in a single “explicit scene.” He added: “as far as I was concerned, you were the star of the recent royal wedding.” In addition to this dirty offer, the Middleton family were “furious” after private images of Philippa had been sold to the press by their friends and family. The images have now been removed.

The true fashion rating of whether Philippa outshone Kate on her wedding day is a matter of your own personal style preference. We must understand that Kate was inevitably restricted to a wedding dress, to meet expectations, and a beautiful wedding dress it was. But if you are of the opinion that it was ‘Catherine’s Day’ in the biddings for best dressed, you must acknowledge that her sister’s gown stood out as the one other McQueen cat amongst the tasteless attire pigeons, achieving a uniqueness of her own.

Kate’s younger sister has a future with limitless style boundaries, escaping the weight of the royal family on her shoulders. The party planner and socialite has the world’s attention still, the manner in which she reacts to this pressure will be pure eye candy.

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  1. Yes why was the maid of honors dress whiter than the brides? seems wrong plus after seeing other photos of her it seems that she had some butt padding and spanx accentuating her skinny frame-why is everyone assuming she is a better “match” for harry-Chelsea is a lawyer at least besides being a spoiled rich party skkankk-Pippa has a face like a boxer and her and her sister are quite similair to the Boelyn sisters-always at the right party to be a title chaser-parents wealthy but looking for titles themselves and using their daughters to attain that goal-even the famed first meeting of William and Kate is as contrived a set-up as it gets-she wore the most transparent dress at a “fashion show” with models being selected “from the right families” or the “right university” and really are Prince William and Harry at a fashion show to look at dresses? NO it is a dog and pony show for the chicks-Pippa didn’t even bother to put her privileged education to good use other than chasing “the right” parties to be seen by the right gentleman-but from other photos that have surfaced of her partying -she is pretty loose and has already “done the rounds”-really after all the over done bull with the royal wedding to make this skinny party broad with some but pads and showing total disrespect to the bride by wearing a whiter dress be the center of attention just makes the whole mess look even more ridiculous and ignorant

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