York runners up in University Challenge final

The University of York are the runners up of this year’s University Challenge competition, losing 290 – 85 points to Magdalen College, Oxford

Credit: University of York/BBC

Credit: University of York/BBC

After a series of strong wins leading the University of York to the University Challenge final match, the team lost to Magdalen College, Oxford, by 205 points.

The match was York’s first ever participation in the final throughout the programme’s forty year history. The match was Magadalen’s fourth time competing in the series finals since 1995, and have won every time they reached the final.

“Though it wasn’t a fairytale ending, we never would have believed at the beginning that we would get to the final,” commented Team Captain, Andrew Clemo.

“Thanks for all the support from York students past and present, we gave it our best but Magdalen showed that they were worthy winners. Best of luck to next year’s team, we hope they can take us one step further.”

York scored bonus round questions in the final round on Renaissance painting and Game Theory, but ultimately lost out to the Magdalen team, who were quick to buzz in on starter questions. The final score stood at 290 to 85 points.

On their journey to the final, the University of York team beat Sheffield with 250 to 155 points, and a close win by five points against Oxford Brookes.

The popularity of the team’s Captain sparked the creation of a ‘York Clemo’ Facebook appreciation page which has been ‘liked’ by over 1,200 users so far. The word ‘Clemo’ was also one of the United Kingdom’s Twitter trends in York’s last two matches.

To celebrate the team’s success on getting into the final, YUSU will be ordering University Challenge rock. The YUSU Twitter account stated last night: “Congrats in order for York, Clemo, Keane, Caudwell and Donnelly, Runners Up in University Challenge 2010/11: Thank you 4 doing York proud.” YUSU are “open to suggestions on how the rock should be designed”, said YUSU President, Tim Ngwena.

“This kind of profile will only help to improve the awareness and involvement in the competition and so as a gesture of thanks but also to recognise the hard work of the team to come runners up and get York to the final for the first time ever in the highly esteemed show.”


  1. 6 Apr ’11 at 12:24 am

    Champagne Conservative

    *raises glass*

    Well played, chaps.

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  2. Ditto Champagne Conservative. Well done boys, a very admirable show indeed. *clap clap clap clap*

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  3. “…YUSU will be ordering University Challenge rock” eh?! Like Brighton rock or just some stones?!

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  4. 6 Apr ’11 at 2:12 pm

    Streets of Rage

    “Like Brighton rock or just some stones?!”

    Maybe YUSU branded rocks to get revenge on Magdalen, or use as paperweights.

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  5. This is really wonderful news and is inspiring for everyone at the university. It would be nice if your publication could provide more of this kind of motivating news….with cuts and everything I think that people just want to be able to see that it can be worthwhile…and you are all key in this.

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  6. Still got it in my head. This should be York’s theme tune for ever more: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1625339846178

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