Time is money

The University’s decision to delay the setting of the tuition fee level (or actually to announce their decision) for students coming from 2012, gives little time for prospective students to visit and make an informed decision about where they want to apply to. Is this really what our University should be doing to its incoming students? Surely more information is needed for current sixth form students in order to aid them in this tough choice.

In the current economic climate, the decision to go to university is now harder than ever with students weighing up financial options, at a time when they need as long as possible to examine all the opportunities available.

By only revealing the amount they are expected to pay in June or July, not enough time is being given to prospective students to actually visit the institutions you can afford. Students will be forced into speculative trips with no real knowledge of whether the price will be acceptable to them.

Moreover with the is University now in £44 million more debt than last year, the greater income from the increase in tuition fees, whatever level they are set at, should be invested in students in the teaching and academic side but also in the social and sports side. However what is worrying is if the University uses this additional income to service their increased debts rather than student investment, the student experience and facilities available to them will be affected and make York less competitive than other institutions.

Although investment in Heslington East is a key financial concern, the University must remember that current students are just as important as future ones and using students’ money to repay debt and interest is not what we expect from our University.

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