Ziggys evacuation sparks YUSU enquiry

Students gathered outside of Ziggys after being evacuated. Image credit: Rose Troup-Buchanan

Students gathered outside of Ziggys after being evacuated. Image credit: Rose Troup-Buchanan

YUSU have confirmed they have launched an investigation after the popular student nightclub Ziggy’s was evacuated this Wednesday, following the detonation of a smoke grenade in the basement dance floor.

Two fire engines were called, and the entire building was evacuated in under eight minutes. Bouncers outside commented positively on the efficient evacuation, as did the emergency officers on the scene.

It has not been confirmed that the members of the rugby club, who were on a ‘Vietnam’ themed social, were responsible for the incident. The club were banned from Ziggy’s earlier this year, after complaints regarding their destructive behaviour.

Tim Ngwena, YUSU President, told Nouse: “we are investigating, but I am not prepared to say anything more at this point.”

The incident has raised concerns over the apparent lack of health and safety provisions of the nightclub. Megan Phillips, first year PPE student who witnessed the incident, said: “you could hardly hear it [the fire alarm], because the music was so loud and it was another minute before they stopped playing … Everyone was pushing and shoving and it could have been really easy for someone to get hurt.”

She continued: “when the fire alarm went off it was scary, and you can’t help but picture the worst case scenarios.”

Following the alarm, two fire engines were called to the scene. Image credit: Rose Troup-Buchanan

Richard Fleming, manager of Ziggy’s, confirmed the detonation of a smoke grenade, and praised the efficiency and attitude of those who were evacuated. However, he said: “I would like to express my disappointment that someone would chose to do this but at this time would not like to comment or speculate as to who the person or persons responsible may be as I understand YUSU are looking into the matter.”

He went on to say: “Ziggy’s strives to be a safe and friendly environment for students to enjoy and will continue with all diligence to stamp out this kind of behaviour.”

The police were on the site swiftly, helping the bouncers move revellers back and closing off the Micklegate road around the club.
Police officers on the scene confirmed that “it is highly unlikely that it will open again tonight.”

However, by quarter past one students were being allowed back into the building, which had been declared safe, in order to collect coats. The officers also stated: “this should not affect Ziggy’s long-term prospects.”


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  3. ‘Ziggys evacuation sparks YUSU enquiry’

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  4. 28 Feb ’11 at 7:48 pm

    Man of Knowledge

    The rugby team know who it was as the culprit sent an email around

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