Students left out in the cold

The planned reduction in thresholds for the number of students in HMOs may be trying to stop the apparent ‘studentification’ of certain areas, but in reality it will drive up housing rents and mean a greater number of students living further away.

The City of York Council are prioritising local residents over students and the effects of the proposed Article from the Council will impact us when we are already financially stricken. By limiting the number of HMOs in neighbourhoods, the increased number of undergraduates and postgraduates, that will be attending the University in the coming years, will find it hard to find cheap accommodation close to the campus.

If areas are to be limited to only a certain percentage not only will prices soar, but a fairly close-knit campus will become dispersed and lose its community spirit. Surely this will cause problems in areas far beyond the University where students haven’t lived before? Local residents in these neighbourhoods will not welcome an influx of student housing where they live as much as those living nearer the University.

While local residents may be annoyed with some students living in their area, it is unfair to characterise all as nocturnal, binge drinking creatures. Relationships between students and local residents would be better resolved through communication and discussion of the issues troubling both parties.

But what are the University doing about this? Failing to turn up in person at the council meeting shows a lack of care and commitment to students’ needs. Solely sending a letter is not good enough. We need our University to be fighting our case and arguing for what we want: affordable housing close to the University.

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