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Ophicius. This is the new star sign that has re-jigged the entire star system, and – for many – re-jigged their bearing on life, morality, sense of self, daily activities, graduate prospects, career plans, marriage options, mid-life de-stress diet plans, funeral arrangements, and the potential draft of their last words. Falling quite awkwardly between Scorpio and Sagittarius, the majority of people have moved a space.

Though for many this move does not shake up the whole life plan that that hypothetical person had going, it would have made you think slightly.

For anyone who has ever thought they’d just give the horoscopes a read because they might as well, they will have gleaned some kind of understanding of themselves from it.

Of course, what you do pick up from horoscopes is, most likely, subconsciously selected and adapted to fit you own set of affairs (although it would be so astoundingly fantastic if all Leo’s were to marry their boss on 7th January, due to Mercury’s retrograde, that it would be a shame to rule it out, so never say never).

Nonetheless, due to some kind of vaguely pointless obligation, knowing your star sign is a given. And there’s never been much reason for it. Until now.

Having seen quite a few people who have been hi quite hard by the whole shebang, it does make you think that someone somewhere is having a good old laugh, because their little internet prank has thrown half the world into an identity crisis,

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