First RAG jailbreak fails to attract sufficient interest

RAG events carry on this week. Photo: Facebook

RAG events carry on this week. Photo: Facebook

An attempt to organise a University of York ‘jailbreak’ was unsuccessful as last weekend’s event was cancelled due to a lack of participants.

Scheduled to last 36 hours, any participating teams had planned to get as far away from York as possible without spending any money. However one prospective participant revealed, a day prior to the event’s cancellation a mere five teams had signed up.

This was the first time a jailbreak event had been organised to take place at the University.

RAG admitted that while they had received “a great deal of interest in the event, ultimately the eventual uptake was not as we had hoped.”

The same prospective participant said that when he found out the jailbreak had been cancelled he was “quite disappointed as it is a good way to have some fun but raise money at the same time,” although he said he understood why RAG had taken the decision.

“It could have been a great event, but it turned out that it was badly organised and poorly attended“
Chris Menon
First Year Student

However, he denied that the decision to cancel the jailbreak had in any way put him off from attending future RAG events and that he would be just as keen to go if the event were to be run in next year’s RAG week.

Chris Menon, another potential jailbreak participant, described his disappointment at the cancellation of the event, commenting that: “It was a massive flop, really disorganised, it could have been a great event, but it turned out that it was badly organised and poorly attended.”

For those disappointed in the cancellation of jailbreak, RAG announced that they would, “be very keen to run a similar event in the future, and will try and place the event at a less busy time of year.”

Furthermore, RAG announced that they will be “running Hitches as normal next term, giving students the chance to get out of York and raise money.”

Many other universities have successful jailbreak events where students have managed to get as far away as the United States without having spent any money.

This week sees many other RAG events including the RAG Viking Raid which is taking place tonight; a takeover of Fibbers nightclub on Wednesday; the final round of Mr and Mrs York on Thursday; and the RAG Parade where colleges have to get as many people in fancy dress into town as possible.

The week will culminate in the RAG BASH at Derwent Bar where the winning college of the RAG Parade will be announced; and there are hopes to beat the £22,577.04 raised last year.


  1. 8 Feb ’11 at 3:27 pm

    An actual Jailbreak 'participant'

    The irony in ‘potential participant’ Chris Menon’s comment beggars belief! More likely its the whiney but ultimately unmotivated attitudes of people like him that are to blame for the failure of events like these at York.
    Maybe if Menon, and other students like him, put their money where their mouths are, they could be hitching to somewhere far, far away by now.

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  2. 8 Feb ’11 at 11:49 pm

    James Orme-Dawson

    Dont know why Nouse couldn’t have found someone to comment who had actually paid their registration fee for the event….not just a potential participant!

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  3. 9 Feb ’11 at 3:18 pm

    Richard Noggin

    I don’t know who Chris Menon is but I demand a public apology letter from him in the next edition of Nouse. His comments were down right disgraceful. I am ashamed to attend the same university as people like him.

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  4. Why the hell has this Chris Menon fool been asked for a quote? Housemate of the article writer?

    Every single person on campus was a “potential participant” – absolutely shoddy, shoddy journalism once again!

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  5. 22 Feb ’11 at 9:29 pm

    Richard Noggin

    If Richard Noggin (yes I refer to myself in the third person whenever possible) can halt the basic principles of a Democracy then so can you! Nouse is now a Totalitarian paper, all views should be kept to yourselves unless you agree with the article entirely! Freedom of speech? Pah, get back to growing your potatoes.

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  6. 23 Jan ’14 at 2:39 pm

    Cheeky Alumnus

    Here here Noggin!

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