The preserve of power?

After a couple of tough, but not unexpected, few days spent battling YUSU for continued survival, we return, slightly shackled but no less enthusiastic, to continue what we started. Rumours are flying, and whether technical difficulties are a good enough excuse to have nominations open two days late or not, TR is eager to get this show on the road.

We begin with those hallowed hunting grounds for student political ambition, JCRCs. College Chairs are notorious for running for Sabbatical positions – they have the experience, yet interestingly aren’t always the winners. Indeed, while Sam Asfahani and Dan Walker made the cut last year, both ex-Alcuin Chair Ollie Hutchings and ex-Halifax Chair Roberto Powell lost the close race for YUSU President.

Surprise, surprise, this year is no different, and with the end of the reign of Ngwena, and no incumbent threat, 2011 could be their time to shine.

We hear from numerous sources that previous Halifax College President, Lydia Blundell’s plans for the Presidency are shaping up as we speak, and the campaign team has apparently even begun to fall into place. With the presidential campaign last year having been an overly testosterone-infused affair, a feminine touch may be no bad thing. The Race originally thought she might go for Student Activities, but seems to have been given a few words of encouragement to shoot for the top.

Last term TR also heard a whisper that last year’s Alcuin Chair Ollie Todd would take a stab to be President, but nothing since. Perhaps Mr. Todd is still mulling it over. Each would certainly have strong College supporter – Halifax has around 970 students on campus, and Alcuin’s got about a steadfast 550. Not bad odds there, though admittedly was not enough to swing it for Hutchings last year and Durkin the year before that.

TR has been seeing Graeme Osborn – ex-Halifax Treasurer/ Course Rep frequently found hanging out in the YUSU office – making his presence known around campus recently. Some are speculating at his taking on fellow Halifaxer Blundell in what could be a feisty Collegiate battle, but his current activities mostly suggests Academic Affairs as his area of expertise. TR may have to find its kicks elsewhere.

A bit further afield, some would-be appropriate rumours are circulating the track about Ben Ward planning to run for Welfare. As Alcuin’s former Welfare Vice-Chair, TR thinks he would be a popular choice, but whether speculation becomes reality has yet to be seen.

For those wanting to run, make it snappy – you’ve only got till the 10th to submit your suitably-coiffed nomination photo. Plans for an extended nomination period went straight down the drain and as a general aside, TR remains less than impressed with the general disorganisation of the elections this year; all those trying to plan the next year of their lives had to wait for a UGM passed, scrapping Democracy & Services just two days before nominations opened.

So the election shambles continue, the rumour mill spins on and the grapevine is heavy. TR can assure you it has plenty more up its sleeve, but for those waiting in the wings, let us know at [email protected]

The opinions expressed above are not representative of either those of Nouse, or of YUSU. They are the speculations and personal views of the author, or authors, who will remain anonymous. Please direct any complaints or issues to [email protected] or the Returning Officer Dan Walker at [email protected] If you have any welfare concerns relating to the content, please contact [email protected] The editor will take full responsibility for all content posted on this blog.


  1. Interesting array of tips!

    Charlie Rowley will definitely run for president against Blundell. Ward seems seriously,seriously unlikely for welfare compared to Robert Hughes or Holly Treadwell…

    But nice to hear some alternative tips!

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  2. Graeme Osborn has been making himself known on campus for over a year and has spent a lot of that time hanging out in YUSU. He’s a right Jason Rose, and that’s neither a compliment or insult. Nothing out of the ordinary in recent times, is my point, but he’s definitely going to go for Academic.

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  3. Here we go:

    President: Etheridge, Richards, Bulley, Wilcock, Phillips
    Sport: Copson, Pepper, McGregor
    Activities: Hogarth-Jones, Lavelle, Brearley
    Welfare: Layram, Shetty, Beecham
    Academic: Latif, Clarke, Sandford

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  4. Wow, some of those are well off.

    But a few interesting names in there, some of which I hadn’t considered. Hogarth-Jones? Really? Interesting idea.

    And I’ve heard that the infamous “Frecks” is the campaign manager of Chris Etheridge. Between them, the entire university will be covered in cardboard and chalk. And they’ll have learnt from their mistakes!

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  5. Turns out moles are blind: a fair few of those are way off the mark…

    To throw out another uninformed and potentially baseless guess (as The Mole seems to have done), Riley for YUM Chair!

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  6. ^ So much of that is off:

    President: Richards and Wilcock aren’t running, would be very surprised about Bulley and Phillips. Etheridge maybe just for a “laugh”. Rowley will run, maybe Blundell, though they’re friends so I don’t know. If she doesn’t she’ll probs go for Activities. I hope she does run though, ditto with Wilcock

    Welfare: Shetty isn’t running. Strongly doubt about Layram. Bob Hughes is going for it so I doubt Beecham will

    Academic: Clarke and Sandford aren’t running. Osborn an early frontrunner. Don’t know about Latif

    Sport: Asfahani will rerun

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  7. I reckon Etheridge is more interested in Student Activities…

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  8. President: Jane Grenville, Tom Scott, Paxman, Berlusconi, Hilary Clinton, Jim Bulley
    Sport: Lewis Bretts, Mr Blobby, Roy Hodgson, Andy Gray
    Activities: Peter Stringfellow, Mr Blobby, Jim Royle, 85 year old alumnus
    Welfare: Gary Glitter, Mr Durex, Andy McIlwraith, Richard Keys
    Academic: Wayne Rooney, Paris Hilton, Michael Gove, Andrew Clemo

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  9. The Worm is clearly talking rubbish – Mr Blobby can’t run for two positions!

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  10. Actually, I think anyone could run for two positions – they just couldn’t hold them both. It happens in some committees that are mutually exclusive, I think! I’ll happily be corrected though.

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  11. Why has my comment still not been published?

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  12. N can 100% seriously confirm that Graeme is most definitely running for academic.

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