David Lynch launches musical career

David Lynch has always been eager to make the point that his exploits in film were a natural progression from his career as a visual artist. Lynch’s newest venture, however, leads him into territories previously unexplored by the director. David Lynch is perhaps best known for cult horror film Eraserhead, which established him as a true auteur. From these humble beginnings he has gone on to direct modern masterpieces of cinema: Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, and most recently Inland Empire, as well as being the name behind the popular murder mystery drama Twin Peaks.

David Lynch has certainly been moving in unexpected directions since the release of Inland Empire in 2006, backing his son’s Interview Project (the entirety of which can be viewed on his website), acting as producer to his daughter’s newest movie Surveillance and writing a book on ‘Transcendental Meditation’. Most strange, however, with regard to this unprecedented activity, were perhaps his inexplicable daily weather broadcasts from his office in Los Angeles.

The director’s newest experiment leads him into the world of music. Lynch released his first official single November 28th, having received mixed feedback from his dedicated fanbase. This is not of course the first time that Lynch has dabbled in music, creating the Inland Empire theme ‘Ghost of Love’, writing lyrics for Julee Cruise, and collaborating with composer Angelo Badalamenti and DJ Danger Mouse on separate occasions.

Those expecting a musical style reflective of the brooding and unsettling tones of his movies, will be more than surprised when they hear the upbeat, though minimalist electro-pop vibes which characterise the new single ‘Good Day Today’. Slightly dubious as it may be, the song is quickly becoming a guilty pleasure, bearing the influence of Moby and Röyksopp with its humble and warming synth. Online communities seem to have divided opinions. On the one hand are the cries of “MASTERPIECE” from those who would praise the ground Lynch walks upon, to those who believe the track sounds like a knock off keyboard on ‘demo’ mode.

Whilst ‘Good Day Today’ seems to have captured the majority of the public’s attention, Lynch has also released a second track entitled ‘I Know’. This is a track which betrays, to a greater extent, the dark side of Lynch with which we are familiar; combining this ominous feeling with his newly acquired electro influences. It will be particularly interesting to see whether Lynch’s musical venture will be a commercial success, as he seems quite clearly to be targeting a mainstream audience – an audience which his movies can often be seen to avoid.

Owner of Sunday Best records has stated that “If I hadn’t just pinched myself, I’d swear I was dreaming that we’re actually putting out a record by David Lynch,” adding that “it proves that not only is he a master director responsible for many of my favourite films, but he’s also a talented producer with an innate sense of how powerful music is and can be. I can’t wait to unleash this fantastic record on the world.” There are no dates set as yet for an album, and whilst the director’s website is being revamped only time will tell when we can expect to hear more from the always mysterious David Lynch.

Click here to listen to David Lynch’s debut


  1. How about this video of Lynch jamming with Moby? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpipJFmpGjU Both of them are into Transcendental Meditation and it seems to make them more creative!

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  2. Ha ha! this is great. David is the bomb. I love that he continues to push the envelope of his creative expression and shine…
    My experience is that doing TM keeps my creative fires stoked and burning…apparently this is working for him too. Right on. Can’t wait to have a wee listen to his new tunes!

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