Nouse Playlist

Halloween Horrors

While you’re popping razorblades in bobbing apples or throwing bags of fiery turd at lecturers’ houses in fervent celebration of witches’ night, perhaps fill up your iPod with these evil cuts from beyond the rave:

Misfits – ‘Halloween’
Get your ghoul make up on and rev up the pitch black cadillac to this.

The Cramps – ‘I Was A Teenage Werewolf’
Get bitten by the party animal. Haven’t you heard? Lycanthropy’s cool. Shakira fully endorses it.

Be Your Own Pet – ‘Zombie Graveyard Party’
Pre-drinks in the graveyard were never so much fun. Altogether now: “BRAAAAIIIIIINNNS”.

Mayhem – ‘Chainsaw Gutsfuck’
After you’ve had a few drinks, whip out the chainsaw, kill a few virgins and make a jumpsuit out of their skin. This will set the mood right.

Justice – ‘Phantom Pt. II’
Don’t muse on the lives you’ve taken, cut savage shapes to this in your jumpsuit and get lost in the groove.

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