The Nouse Student Survey 2010

present the results of the Nouse Student Survey 2010, a comprehensive review of student opinion and experience at the University of York

The Nouse Student Survey was completed by a random sample of 368 students last week.

Nouse circulated paper copies on campus from Wednesday to Friday, and there were 179 responses online at

We do not claim that the results are completely representative of all student opinion; however, we feel that having gathered such a substantial sample, the results are worthy of recognition and analysis.

The aim of the survey was to gain an insight into the experience of students at York and the differing opinions on issues facing students today. The individual responses to the survey will remain completely anonymous, and all participants were free to leave out any questions which they did not want to answer. 19% of participants were first year, second years made up 32%, 36% were third years and 12% classified themselves as ‘other’.

Perhaps the most striking statistic to come out of the survey was that 49.9% of York students report to have felt depressed since being at university.

This may raise questions about the effectiveness of the University’s provisions, and acknowledges the pressures faced by students in a potentially difficult period of upheaval and stress.

However, as the vast majority feel both that they can be themselves at university and happy with their current housemates, perhaps students tend to take solace within more informal structures to combat such problems.

The funding of university courses has become a ubiquitous topic in recent times, but our participants produced fairly contradictory results. Two out of every three said they would still want to come to university in four years’ time, despite the impending rising costs in tuition fees.

However, the majority of people did not expect their degree to be of particular value when attempting to gain employment (the most common response in our sliding scale being 4, where 1 was highest and 5 lowest).

But despite this, over 60% believe their degree to be value for money, perhaps encouraging and confirming that a majority of people (43%) come to university because of enthusiasm for their course.

We can conclude from this that the average student at York is, on the whole happy at university and enthusiastic about their student experience.

Nouse would like to thank all students who participated in the survey.

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  1. Am I to trust that this used proper poll weighting, i.e. weighting the figures to make sure that there was an accurate representation of all years, the right gender and race ratios? If not, these figures are about as useful as figures generated using a random number calculator as they just represent the views of 360 odd students and despite the sample size are most likely well off the mark to the true feelings of the student body.

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