Students shun Commercial Services

After reporting in the last edition of Nouse that Commercial Services were happy to host campus events for students during freshers’ fortnight, despite anticipating a loss, the news that attendees were as low a two at some of the events planned hardly comes as a surprise. Commerical Services have clearly taken an apathetic stance when it comes to organising their events, and haven’t understood the importance of the marketing and enterprise that goes into producing quality events which can rival traditional YUSU freshers’ nights.

Having a Commercial Services alternative during the hectic daze of Freshers’ Week, where anything goes and it’s most likely that eager first-years will be willing to pop into Roger Kirk for a few drinks and a dance during their second week of term, isn’t a bad idea. But if people don’t know about these events, they don’t happen. We need information, and accessible information at that. Commercial Services have once again proved how out of touch they are with one of their biggest consumer groups: students.

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