Moaning about Big Bang overcapacity is overblown

Cartoon: Sarah Jilani

Cartoon: Sarah Jilani

Tackling Freshers’ Week as a topic is tricky. It’s almost impossible not to slip into rampant clichés about the gut-wrenching nerves before arrival, or make a lame generic joke about how unnecessary the whirlwind of moving-in panic proved to be, or mutter something non-descript about the incredible bonding nature of the wild week-long party times, and how totally awesome everyone turned out to be.

And the reason it’s difficult not to churn that stuff out is because it’s all true. So this all renders any discussion of Freshers’ Week somewhat futile and slightly boring: my week was great, but that’s a staple story.

Then came The Big Bang though. Now, I’m not just saying this because Dan Walker lives upstairs and we share a kitchen, no sir. And I wouldn’t anyway, because his washing up is very hit and miss which grinds my gears. But judging on the experience of myself and friends and the visible enjoyment of everyone I saw, I think it’s fair to say, The Big Bang was a definite success. Some applause must go to the man and his team who threw off the shackles of a campus-wide prejudice and got Marina and the Diamonds to turn up.

Sure, we can grumble and gripe about the unfortunately easy to max-out capacity of Central Hall, but what did the people who rocked up at the last minute expect? No venue on campus could have held every single member of the student body who wanted to go, and if we hadn’t had it on campus, we’d have heard outraged cries of “Big Bang? Big Con! The racecourse’s drinks’ prices are disgraceful! Down with YUSU!”.

The Big Bang brought those attending together in a mash of eclectic events which threaded across the entirety of campus, providing something for everyone at every stage of the night.

We had a nifty firework spectacular. We had raucous disco bingo, we had several varied dancing venues – the silent disco in particular went down a storm. We had drinks and we had burgers. We had fire-throwing and we had icepops. We had indie, cheesy, electro and fringe. We even had inflatable laser tag. There was plenty going on to get your money’s worth out of the night, if you went out and looked for it.

And then, to top it all off, we had two exceptional headline acts who not only turned up for once, but got the crowds raving and wowed their fans. Or so I’m reliably informed because, and here’s the clincher, I didn’t get in to see Marina and the Diamonds.

And don’t get me wrong, I wanted to; I’d bought my ticket with seeing her as my sole intention and priority. And yet I left the night feeling a warm gushy satisfied feeling without even having caught so much as a whiff of her or her diamonds – not a single twinkle. But in the end, not getting in wasn’t what my enjoyment actually hinged upon – it didn’t make or break my evening. The event was masterfully organised, so that on making the error of wandering out of Central Hall gasping for a drink following an excellent Sunshine Underground set and being unable to even contemplate getting back in for Marina and the Diamonds because of the queue, my friends and I weren’t really troubled. The silent disco was more than adequate.


  1. York Student in well written, non moaning, campus media article shocker.

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  2. thank you.
    a very much appreciated piece amidst a cloud of overly emotional& non- reasonable big bang related arguments.

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  3. it was good but just not worth £26…

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  4. 29 Oct ’10 at 4:53 pm

    Lucy Whitehouse

    Gentle bit o’ arithmetic – £12 + £22.50 = £34.50, that’s without the extra venues and fireworks and the lasertag and the like we were given (see article above, it’s awesome).

    Over and OUT.

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  5. and the half of the people who didnt get in… what did they get?
    Look at some of the big events in some of the surrounding cities such as warehouse project in manchester or some of the events the leeds student union delivers such as metropolis… big line ups and tickets typically cost 15-20 pounds. Big Bang was a distinctly average night and half of the people didnt even get to actually see the main event. just because York is a small city doesnt mean that it doesnt deserve big events, if anything that should be one of the main things that YUSU should deliver. Instead it delivers a tragically bad fresher event year in year out. No one but die hard Marina fans would actually pay 20 odd quid to see her play. To add further insult to injury you couldnt even get a drink in the venue… would it have taken much effort to have a small bar in central hall? As for the other areas, they were dead for most of the night. They had no headline acts anywhere else on campus, where did they expect people to flock to? Did they think that people were paying 26 pound just to go to a couple of campus bars? If YUSU cant actually put a decent event on then they should just not bother, rather than just taking people’s money.

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