Frantic Fresher’s Fair is a bad reflection on YUSU competency

YUSU have failed to make an immediate impact amongst this year’s intake

I imagine many of you were at Fresher’s Fair. The unashamed day of chaos, where the promise of a free pizza turned into an empty box. Why someone would put 80 per cent of the University’s 123 societies into one building is far, far beyond my reckoning.

It was the following Thursday before I saw the limply hanging laminated scrap of paper outside Central Hall, tied up by a damp piece of white string. I stopped to have a closer look. ‘YUSU 2010 Freshers Fair this way’, it read. Now, it’s definitely true that I can’t deny hearing about YUSU, but this was the first that I had actually seen of them around campus. And to be honest, I wasn’t too impressed.

For me, the Fresher’s Fair experience was not a particularly enjoyable one. Queuing for an hour and 20 minutes, being harangued by Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society, cattle-herded round a claustrophobic Physics Centre, and then almost being trampled to death by an over-eager crowd of students, is not my idea of a good time.

almost being trampled to death by an over-eager crowd of students

Now obviously the pizza and stampeding are no fault of YUSU’s, but having to queue for over an hour for the priviledge of signing up to spam email certainly is. If the event had been spread out all over campus, I could have browsed the stalls at my own leisure, deciding which societies I wanted to join.

Instead, I had to sign any vaguely attention-grabbing sheet of paper that came my way before being propelled onwards by a crush of people.

As far as I can see on YUSU’s website, they provide no clear description of who they are, other than the ‘University of York Students’ Union’. What can I expect from them? How am I represented? Where are they based? These are questions left completely unanswered at a very first glance, which is probably the most attention that they are going to get from a lot of their students. So I guess I now know that YUSU does stuff, but for what reason or why, I still have no idea. If asked what the Student Union actually is, I wouldn’t have a clue what to say about it.

I have seen another poster around with the YUSU logo branded across it, though. It’s about submitting your ‘big idea’ to change campus, and I think I might get involved with that. My idea would probably be something like this: who are you?


  1. This years Freshers Fair was more spaced out than ever before, it was recognised that overcrowding was an issue last year however the addition of Central Hall freed up much needed space in both the Exhibition Centre and the Roger Kirk.

    Queuing at these things is an inevitable fact of any Freshers Fair – often avoided by those who arrive early.

    If you’re irate about your inbox being spammed I’m sure societies will be more than happy to remove you from their mailing lists if you drop them a quick message (but I’d urge you to drop them a visit first).

    As for where YUSU are based. We’re in the Student Centre over in James College (look out for our brand new 4ft by 2ft banner on either side of the building). Pop in if you want to have a chat with any officers and find out ways of getting involved or finding out what we do.

    One of our biggest aims this year as a Union is to improve methods of communicating with our members, something we’re well on the road to achieving through our youtube videos this summer. We’re always eager for more suggestions though.

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  2. I heard no complaints about sports nick…

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