Falling foul of YUSU has turned Gallery into a no-go

YUSU took their approval away from Gallery with little warning, but students should question why this actually matters

Poor Gallery. They’re really not having a good time so far this term, are they?

Losing their official ‘student night’ backing from YUSU must have been a treat and a half, but getting chucked out of Freshers’ Fair probably felt as embarrassing as when your favourite pop star is discovered miming on a live show. Social mortification happens to the best of us: Britney, Beyoncé, Ashlee Simpson…the list goes on, and largely thanks to YUSU, it now includes one of our former clubbng favourites.

Looking at the range of nightclubs in York, it is fairly surprising that Gallery got – in a shock move, it would seem – dropped by YUSU. The clubbing scene in York might be an ‘acquired taste’, but Gallery was one of the few good venues. There’s no room for longevity in the realms of York’s nightlife. One minute, your establishment is at the top of its game, and the next it could well be struggling to attract crowds.

Let’s not beat around the bush: Tokyo is exactly the same as when we knew it as Tru. For three years in a row, the club has undergone similar so-called ‘transformations’. Yes, now they’ve put up some fancy chandeliers to add a bit of class to the place (undermined by the simultaneous installation of a dancers’ stage) but more than anything else, the management are clearly just fans of alliteration. Toff’s, Tru, Tokyo – what’s next, Thorn, Trollop and Truffle?

You may have ascertained that I was a Gallery fan girl. More specifically, of spending my time at SNG on the R’n’B floor. It was always packed, proving that however popular a nightclub may or may not have been, nothing can account for the swift moving tides of YUSU’s verdict over what the ‘student market’ wants.

nothing can account for the swift moving tides of YUSU’s verdict over what the student market wants

It hasn’t been confirmed as to why they were ushered out, but perhaps Gallery were at fault by turning up to Freshers’ Fair. Ironically, it’s quite like when we’re at our most drunk, getting kicked out of their establishment. The tables have turned, hopefully now they’ll think twice before kicking people out for wearing hooded cardigans.

Maybe Gallery just wanted to make an indignant stand to regain a bit of business: we know full well that the student flock will systematically go to the nights which YUSU shepherd us along to. Mostly because if we don’t, we’ll be standing unenthused on half empty dance floors swaying to the beats of post-1996 Peter Andre. (Can’t be too harsh, ‘Mysterious Girl’ did make it onto my favourite of the ‘NOW’ compilation albums.) At least by going along to official YUSU nights, we can be sure of a sizeable crowd.

Dan Walker (aka. ‘Hedgehog Boy’ from last year’s YUSU elections, for those of you who couldn’t care less about identifying Sabbatical Officers) told Nouse that this year’s student nights were picked by being of the “best quality”. But if we press the pause button on getting completely wasted – Vodka Revs is a glorified bar, not even a club.

As cliché as it is to say, I suppose it’s the people, not the place, that matters. Maybe Gallery will make a comeback next year. They’ll be able to, because that’s the way York works.

Sad as it makes me to have lost a booming night out at Gallery, and as much as I can only blame YUSU for it, I’d like to think it’s only temporary. Even if they are forced into administration as a result of YUSU blanking their pleas for business, it’ll all work out: when you have enough fingers to count all the clubs in a city on your hands, it’s guaranteed that a larger corporation will come and snap them up.

If you really miss Gallery that much, you can still go along…It’s still open, and they’ll probably be delighted to see you, especially if you’re decked out in some sort of ‘I Heart The Gallery’ gear. Just expect to be partying with the bouncers, and locals taking the ‘Suit Up’ motto to a whole new level.


  1. You can still go to gallery! Just because YUSU doesnt recommend it, doesnt mean you cant go. I hate the way YUSU ‘sponsers’ certain clubs, it should be left for the students to decide. Gallery on a Friday is still an excellent choice and features Breakz and Herbal Mafia in the basement as well as your generic chart/cheese stuff that most students love. Gallery shouldnt have been kicked out of the freshers fair, students have a right to know about all the clubs in their city and gallery should have been allowed to promote themselves like every other club was allowed to. Also the vast majority of student nights are shit anyways, far too cheesy and usually the same week in week out. Always the same bland musical package of ‘student anthems’, which is basically code for chart and cheese galore. The only 2 that show any innovation are Mondays at Fibbers due to them playing a greater variety and better music and Tuesdays at Salvation for the effort that they put into their themes and keeping the night fresh. My advice to Freshers, ignore the vast majority of YUSU propaganda, they dont know what their doing…

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  2. 30 Oct ’10 at 10:05 pm

    at least they turned up

    agree with everything fred, with the exception of gallery being removed from freshers fair. Other companies from town pay for the right to advertise to students, since this is a lucrative way to attract attention. Gallery did not pay and just turned up trying to get some free advertisement, YUSU was right to remove them.

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  3. 31 Oct ’10 at 3:49 pm

    bored to death

    Gallery or YUSU – I’m having trouble deciding which one I couldn’t care less about.

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