Impressive improvements to the established nightlife in York

With York’s music scene revamped for the new academic year, we’ve only got better nights out to look forward to in the future

Part of being a fresher is, more often than not, being able to explore a new city.

When I was an enthusiastic first year, I spent a lot of time getting to grips with what York had to offer, partly due to personal enjoyment and partly due to a desire to impress my friends from home with student style anecdotes. Either way, it’s not hard to quickly build a checklist of why York is such a great place to live.

York is more than a beautiful city lined with historic shops, tearooms and high street stores overlooked by the glorious Minster. Aside from amusing ducks, we also have plenty of entertainment; with balls galore, we’re never stuck for a dance at university. But, the one thing I was distinctly disappointed with was the lack of a music scene.

Obviously there is plenty of music to be heard around York, it blocks up our eardrums as we attempt to build friendships on the dance floor. But there seemed to be a distinct silence on the stages of live music. Joyously though, I quickly discovered an endless stream of live bands coming to serenade York, not just from Leeds.

we’ll soon be watching the real S Club 7 reunion

Nearly all the student venues in town have got involved with hosting reams of live acts ranging from Kano to British Sea Power. Revolution’s staging Westwood and Wylie, and Tokyo have booked almost half of the band formerly known as S Club 7.

It certainly appears that the better the venue, the more inclined bands are to frequent our bars and stages. Fibbers has not only had an interior make over but also a line-up revamp. The listings are now recognisable and less likely to be confused with a groceries shopping list. At the end of the day, if there is nowhere suitable for bands to perform we are obviously going to miss out. Since both Fibbers and Tokyo have been transformed, we can anticipate better acts.

The student population can be seen as the instigators of these improvements. Our desire has meant events such as Big D have left students queuing for tickets as if it were a music festival.

Any sharp businessman would quickly jump at this opportunity to provide live music all year round. Better acts arriving this year will encourage bigger ones in the future.

Who knows, perhaps the old Barbican swimming pool will be transformed into an arena and we’ll soon be watching the real S Club reunion.

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