Product Review: Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation

How many words can one write about foundation? Well, my product orientated friends, let’s find out…

I purchased my Max Factor miracle touch foundation after I somehow found myself in the Cheshire sans make-up bag. Scary stuff. I’d always wanted to try this but had been dissuaded by my friends who belong firmly in the only-purchase-expensive-foundation camp. Knowing they were safely enclosed in the M25, this was my chance to go crazy.

Depending on my mood, I have always quite enjoyed purchasing new foundation. You sit in the chair while some beautifully made up girl spends 25 minutes analysing your skin tone with a very expensive brush in her hand. It really is a delightful way to spend an afternoon, if you like that sort of thing. Smearing various colours on my jaw with my fingers before running outside to check the shade on a Northern high street was not quite as luxurious.

Complaints aside, it was pretty easy to find my perfect shade. It blended with my skin beautifully and was hardly visible once applied. After purchase, I escorted it and my other budget buys to my hotel room.

Having spent exactly 10 minutes trying to get the damned thing open (black lid pops, glass jar twists fyi), it did not disappoint. The sponge allowed for smooth application and it didn’t leave any tide marks – one of my deepest fears. I was in love. Who needs expensive products? YSL? Clinique?? Laura Mercier? Pah.

We all know that a six hour party, no matter what takes place, is not the real test of any product. Could it last a 10 hour working day? Would it mask the dark circles, spots, and freckles? It would not. Sadly, the product wore off at around midday leaving me – gasp – bare faced.

I was understandably upset and the product remained in timeout (my bathroom drawer) for a good few days. With time, however, came clarity and forgiveness. It wasn’t the product’s fault. It cost a third of my other foundations and made sense that it would last a third as well.

Despite its flaws, it’s small size and easy application make it perfect to keep in your make-up bag and apply post-work and pre-drinks. Whether you’re willing to spend £12 for a product that your current foundation could do just as well is up to you.


  1. Thanks so much for telling me how to open this! I also spent forever trying to prise off the lid. I also tried twisting it, but it’s so tight that my hubby had to do it. Ridiculous!

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  2. Thank you I spent ages trying to open it and resorted to the internet Bingo it’s open

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