Hear ye, Hear ye…

Welcome, to campus’s first mostly frivolous and entirely superficial beauty product blog written by me, the Beauty Queen of University of York.

I take this noble responsibility very seriously and intend to approach the topics of beauty, body and hair product which a level of academic rigour rarely seen outside the History of Art building.

I intend to provide some light hearted entertainment while keeping you updated about the latest trends, product evaluations and even must-have lists from the Queen of Beauty herself.

Disclaimer: I would like to emphasize that this blog is not designed to objectify women or suggest that girls wear make-up to get the guy/get the job/avoid parking tickets. The girls I know say they wear and enjoy make-up for themselves and that’s good enough for me.

Beauty Queen

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  1. 29 Sep ’10 at 3:56 pm

    Douglas Heller

    Have you defected from The Yorker by any chance?

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