Marina and The Diamonds to headline ‘Big Bang’ event

YUSU has officially announced that Marina and the Diamonds are to headline this year’s newly created ‘The Big Bang’ event.

‘The Big Bang’, which has been designed as an alternative to the traditional Freshers’ Ball, will take place on campus, a change from the usual venue of York Racecourse, on the 16th of October. Despite this, tickets will still cost students £25.

Being termed “the biggest campus event the University has ever seen”, it will be located over five venues, with the headliner taking the stage in Central Hall.

Combining Freshers’ Ball, and the more popular ‘Access All Areas’ event that usually occurs in freshers’ week, has been viewed as YUSU’s attempt to address the complaints and issues that surrounded the Ball last year, where many students were made to wait for over an hour for transport to and from the Racecourse venue, and expressed their frustration that they had to travel so far off campus. The main act Wiley also cancelled last minute, leaving the event without a headliner.

The event announcement was made by YUSU President Tim Ngwena, and sabbatical Officers Nick Scarlett and Dan Walker, via an online video blog.

Marina and the Diamonds is led by a welsh singer-songwriter, who released her debut album ‘The Family Jewels’ earlier this year, reaching number five in the charts. Her sound has been described as “upbeat and catchy, with quirky new wave inflected numbers enhanced by bass, guitar and drums.”

Dan Walker, YUSU Democracy and Services Officer, who is in charge of organising the event, expressed his belief that The Big Bang will “provide a better quality event, more suitable for freshers week.” He added that using campus as a venue “allows us to keep cost down for students, both through ticket price and on the night, while putting more money back into the night in terms of acts and entertainment. We cut out the need for hours of wait for coaches and entry to the event. It also allows us to utilise central hall properly for the first time in years, upping the number of people who can access the main stage while providing additional space for live acts and DJs.”

Incoming student Julie Matthews stated her excitement at the prospect of the event, saying “I quite like Marina and the Diamonds, and I didn’t expect anyone well known to be playing at a freshers’ event so I was pleasantly surprised. I can’t really make a judgement on whether campus will be a good venue, but it makes sense to have an event in different venues across the University as I guess it will help us learn how to find our way round campus and meet students from other colleges.”

Further acts for The Big Bang are to be released through the YUSU website and Facebook over the next two weeks.


  1. Why didn’t we get someone up and coming like Tom Jones?

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  2. Bit late? Vision were there first.

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  3. Yeaaaah! Marina ♥

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  4. 23 Sep ’10 at 10:46 pm

    An informed person

    “led by”? She’s the only one. From Wiki: However, it in fact refers to Diamandis’ fans: she explains this on her MySpace page by saying “I’m Marina. You are the diamonds.”

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  5. I wonder what she’ll do when she does not turn up?

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  6. Who the fuck are Marina and the Diamonds?

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  7. Don’t know who this young lady is, but so long as the fit young people like her music and her diamonds, that’s all that matters. Couldn’t give a flying fudge, personally.

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  8. And here I was expecting Rage Against the Machine.

    Damn YUSU.

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  9. Dunno who she is? Hold on, click my name.

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  10. I think £25 is an outrage, no wonder marina can afford all those diamonds. Boom boom.

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  11. Bet she won’t turn up.

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