York Pullman to become main student transport

Alterations to the York Pullman University bus service have been launched in preparation for the start of term, allowing more frequent and economical travel for students.

According to the University of York website, York Pullman is now “the University of York’s preferred transport supplier for both students, staff and visitors”, set to replace the traditional student favourite First Travel York (FTR), which experienced some controversy earlier this year regarding its customer service.

A day return within the City of York boundaries will cost students £2.00. A termly bus pass (ten weeks) will cost £89, or £80 if purchased before 30 September from the University’s website.

The partnership between the University of York and York Pullman buses sees the introduction of free Pullman travel for students between the Heslington East and West campuses.

Abigail Mash, a second-year Goodricke student, commented that “the FTR Number Six wasn’t all that reliable, particularly late at night, but it was a help the majority of the time. The Pullman was really reliable with times, but it charged 50p between campuses.”

“I think they should extend the hours of the buses running to Hes East,” Mash continued, “it would encourage more people to use the bus for nights out and also make people feel safer coming back from campus. When I was rehearsing for a play I had rehearsals till 10 or 11pm, and there were no buses to rely on, despite the timetable saying there was, as they never showed up.”

The Pullman Number 44 route to York City Centre (also referred to as the ‘Unibus’) has been adjusted to run every 15 minutes during term time from 07.10. However, the service terminates at 20.28 on weekdays and does not operate on Sundays. There is a limited service to Acomb as the majority of buses on the route terminate at York Railway Station.

Rival bus service FTR are offering a ‘First Term Student’ 11 week bus pass for their Number 4 route, also priced at £80. Although the company’s webpage for students is “currently being updated for the new Academic Year 2010/2011”, an FTR representative told Nouse today that a day return from the University to York City Centre will remain at £2.50 and are currently unaware of any future changes to last year’s timetable, including their free inter-campus bus link.

David Garner, Press Officer at the University of York, has released a statement on behalf of the University: “This is another example of the University’s commitment to sustainable travel. We are extremely pleased to work with York Pullman Bus Company to deliver this convenient service for students, staff and visitors.”

The University will be formally releasing the service at Fresher’s Week. There will be further reductions made on the Pullman bus line for University of York staff.

View the new York Pullman Number 44 ‘Unibus’ timetable here.


  1. Yawn… It is still expensive but a 10 mn ride, ppl.

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  2. Just to Clarify, the Uni-Bus run by York Pullman’s will no longer charge £0.50p between campuses. The Service is a hop on hop off FREE service between Wentworth and Heslington East for students, staff and members of the public.

    The service started on the 13th of September 2010 and already running and available for all students studying on campus at the moment.


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  3. This is great news for Goodricke residents and any students that will be studying on Hes East this coming year. If last year was anything to go by, York Pullman buses are much more reliable and generally have much friendlier drivers. Its also great to learn that the buses go all the way to Wentworth roundabout for free as well. Good stuff from the uni!

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  4. 18 Sep ’10 at 11:34 pm

    Atilla the Hun

    I always found the staff on the FTR rude whilst they’ve also cut early morning buses on other routes as well cut the X64 service.
    It really shows that if you’re not able to provide a decent enough service another company will come in and take over, and indeed, well done to York Pullman for doing so.

    I will miss doing my best not to pay for a ticket on the no. 4. I so far owe you £3.60.

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