Knight and Day

Director: James Mangold
Starring: Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz
Runtime: 110 Minutes
Rating: ***

So, I confess, I am a Tom Cruise addict, and despite the wealth of criticism he receives, and despite his fall from box office grace, I still eagerly anticipate his films. So for me, Knight and Day was no exception, and it was an enjoyable, light-hearted popcorn film.

Cruise resumes his first action role since Mission: Impossible 3 as Roy Miller, a secret agent on the run from his former employers at the FBI, as he goes ‘rogue’. Or is he being framed? He meets or rather bumps into classic car restorer June Havens (Cameron Diaz) on a flight, which the authorities have managed to clear of everyone apart from their agents. June instantly falls for Roy’s charm and perfectly gentleman-like manner as she finds herself onboard with him. As she heads off to the bathroom to freshen up, chaos ensues on the plane, as Roy takes on all the agents. She’s so smitten with him as she heads back out, throwing herself at him, that it takes a kiss and some awkward conversation before she realises everyone else, including the pilot, are dead.

From here on, June is thrust into Roy’s world of chaos and mayhem, the plans for a nice break with her family thrown away. She finds herself being taken to a ‘safe’ location by the FBI before Roy comes to her rescue. They go from one crazy adventure to another, travelling the world as Roy tries to keep a step ahead of those who are after him.

There is scene after scene of car chases, motorcycle chases, guns, fighting, exotic locations and sudden romance – everything you could possibly want to see in a summer blockbuster. There’s so much, in fact, it’s as if the director was scared that we’d get bored if anything was left unexploded. This means we fail to really get to know the characters in any depth; they appear to be no more than one-dimensional, and we connect to neither of them with any great strength. However, it was a pleasure to see Cruise and Diaz back together again. They work well as a pair and have a certain onscreen chemistry that provides for some very comical, yet sweet moments in the movie.

If you are looking for something fast-paced, funny and action-packed that requires little thought, then this movie is a good one to see. It may have its flaws, but in all it fulfils its role as a Hollywood summer blockbuster, and I was more than happy to see Tom Cruise’s gleaming smile and quirky charm back on the big screen.

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