Map to be compiled identifying student houses in York

City of York Council is set to compile a citywide map of student houses in York next week. They will discuss whether to carry out a study to identify where students are most likely to reside in York.

The meeting is apparently in reaction to complaints made by local residents who say having more students living nearby leads to rising noise, crime, litter and parking problems.

A letter has been circulating the Badger Hill estate again recently, which protests that York Council, North Yorkshire Police and the University have received an “ever increasing number of complaints from residents regarding serious anti-social behaviour and noise generated by some of the local student population.” The letter adds: “Sadly, Badger Hill is developing a very negative reputation due to all this unnecessary trouble!”

The letter continues: “The time has come for owners, landlords and letting agents to take more responsibility for the actions of these inconsiderate individuals and to rectify the condition of some of the student houses and gardens, many of which are in an absolutely disgraceful state!”

When the letter was first distributed, YUSU likened it to “organised discrimination”.

One third-year Badger Hill resident recently found the letter under her car’s wind-screen wipers one evening, although the car was parked on the student house’s drive. The same student in question also complained of local residents taking out the bin from her drive, even when people were living in the house.

This follows a series of reports made by Nouse regarding student alienation in the city. Last month it was reported that York Councillor, Roger Pierce, was calling for plans to restrict students from living in residential areas surrounding the University.

According to the last set of figures produced by the council’s local development framework working group, which meets next week, based on the number of households exempt from paying council tax, the three York council wards with the most student housing are Heslington, which has a 27.77 per cent population, Hull Road (14.82 per cent) and Fishergate (10.53 per cent).

Frances Sadler, of the council’s city development team, said that “more pronounced concentrations of student housing, which may be impacting on neighbourhoods” may be hidden by the current information used by the group.

She added that “further work is needed to identify more localised concentrations of student housing”.

The specific problem the working group has identified is that landlords can currently create houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). This can be prevented through a law known as an Article 4 Direction. This comes after new legislation passed in April of this year which redefined student houses as a new Use Class, ‘C4 Houses in Multiple Occupation’, whereas they were previously classed under the generic Use Class, ‘C3 Dwellinghouses’, which is what family houses are classed under.


  1. What a great idea! Lets publish a document that lets anyone and everyone know where students live – students who are likely to not be in their student house over christmas and easter.

    Excellent advertising for potential thieves. Well done.

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  2. 1 Sep ’10 at 6:15 pm

    Janny Chollen

    I always find it amusing that student behaviour (e.g. nicking traffic cones, having a few beers and throwing up on the street) is considered ‘anti-social’, when yobbos can go around stabbing people and stealing old ladies’ pension money with near immunity. Who is more anti-social – young local kids or students? The answer to that is jaw-droppingly obvious.

    This anti-student sentiment is especially galling when you consider that it is students (along with tourists) that keep the local economy (or at least certain elements of the local economy – e.g. bars, cinemas, clubs etc) afloat.

    Although having said all that I can never be arsed to de-weed my front garden or bring the bins back in. Meh.

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  3. As a student resident of Badger Hill, I have to say that this is way over the top.

    All the problems which I’ve had with parking have been caused by local residents. Granted, I have had some trouble myself with other student houses concerning excessive noise, but only three incidents in two years. And perhaps many students don’t take the best care of their gardens, but I could say the same for many residential properties on the estate as well.

    Finally, the major eyesore of the estate is the graffiti which scars the back of the small group of shops off Hull Road. Somehow, I doubt this was caused by students!

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  4. Why not go a step further and put a big yellow splodge of paint on the front-door of every student house, to let the local residents know exactly who they can scape-goat if anything goes wrong in their lives.

    The flowers in your garden don’t develop? Must be those rowdy students pissing on them at night-time.

    The cat hasn’t been seen for two days? Those damn good-for-nothing students probably murdered it.

    Also, students should be made to wear ID tags at all times. Any student seen out of doors after 9.00pm will be accosted by the town Student Catcher, who will register your reason for being out of doors, then promptly turn you into cat food (to avenge the aforementioned murder of poor Fluffy).

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  5. If there’s one thing I hate more than the educated, it’s the aspirational. Let’s persecute them.

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  6. The economy within York (especially around the specified student areas) would crumble without thousands of students pedalling money all around local businesses. Its not as if the council are losing out financially as local councils are subsidised the potential council tax revenue from student houses by central government.

    One thing that did really surprise me when I came to York last year was the level of general ‘poverty’ from seeing many run down estates around York, countless homeless people around town and the obvious problems in relation to drug use which is highlighted via the rocketing burglary rates within student areas. York Council should be looking closer to home when assessing anti-social and criminal behaviour.

    Students are seen as an easy target and its popular with ill-informed locals to peddle such garbage while at the same time failing to tackle the underlying issues within the city in regard to crime and drug abuse. York is a wonderful city yet at times I can’t help feeling the ‘traditional minster York view’ is a screen for some very serious issues within certain areas of the city.

    Gemma made the obvious and important point of this being a some sort of criminals christmas list…this doesn’t seem to have been thought through at all!

    Populous, ignorant and naïve. Well done York Council.

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  7. *populist even…

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  8. 2 Sep ’10 at 5:54 pm

    Squiffy Asquith

    Do you know which councillors are behind this? It might be worth writing to them.

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  9. gemma makes a great point, i really hope our new sabb team are looking into lobbing against this… or i can see a lot of unhappy and robbed students at easter and especially christmas!

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  10. anon – It’s something YUSU and YSJ SU are very much looking at…

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  11. 3 Sep ’10 at 11:24 am

    Janny Chollen

    Oh YUSU are on the case, I’ll just presume it’s sorted then.

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  12. This is part of our wider plan as Lib Dems to turn our backs on our student supporters…

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  13. 3 Sep ’10 at 9:27 pm

    Janny Chollen

    ^deeply satirical

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  14. Janny Chollen

    You’re a pain

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  15. The map really is a side-issue, it’s for statistical purposes, not to be published, it wont get into the hands of theives. The real worry is the end of the article – an Article 4 Direction which could effectively stop the construction of any new student houses near the university. This map is trying to back up the council’s cause for an Article 4 Direction.

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  16. 4 Sep ’10 at 7:00 pm

    Janny Chollen

    In the know

    that was such a harsh burn

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  17. 5 Sep ’10 at 12:00 pm

    Jeff Goldblum

    The council are meeting about this proposal on Monday – I hope some of the sabbs will be at this meeting to fight for students!

    I look forward to the blog post detailing what they said on the YUSU website.

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  18. 5 Sep ’10 at 2:03 pm

    Lord Chunderbuff

    I condemn this and the horse it rode in on.

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  19. 5 Sep ’10 at 11:52 pm

    Champagne Guardianista

    feck’s sake

    After spending hours upon hours pasting those insipid “Liberal Democrats: Standing up for Students” posters about campus, this doesn’t quite give me a great deal of hope.

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  20. 6 Sep ’10 at 9:55 am

    Janny Chollen

    @Champagne Guardianista

    You’ve embarrassed yourself there.

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  21. lets just all agree to stop buying things in York, we can just buy all our food from costcutter and anything else from like Leeds or something, then many of those bumpkin fools will be jobless

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  22. “lets just all agree to stop buying things in York, we can just buy all our food from costcutter and anything else from like Leeds or something, then many of those bumpkin fools will be jobless”

    We’re not all millionaires.

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  23. @ student,

    and whilst we’re at it let’s stop paying rent too ???

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  24. Let’s publish a map showing the locations of the councillors’ houses who propose this idea.

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  25. 7 Sep ’10 at 1:24 pm

    Robert Jordan

    Tom – In fairness I think that information is already freely available. It is for a lot of councils anyway.

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  26. Assuming they’re not publishing a map with specific houses labelled but really just accumulating where students live to compare them with crime levels, to prove that these idiotic residents* don’t have a case to make about crime and students.

    Though, that said, students are more likely to live in cheaper areas, which are more likely to have higher crime. But you can’t win everything.

    * Most residents aren’t idiotic.

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