Langwith College

Langwith College is not only situated right in the centre of campus, it also plays host to the biggest and best bar on campus: The Courtyard. This bar is full every night of week and has the best drinks deals around. Every Sunday night it holds a ‘pub-quiz’ which just about every Langwithian turns out to. While The Courtyard is not officially ‘Langwith’s bar’ – it is the official Student Union bar and is frequented by students from every college – having the best bar on campus on your doorstep certainly doesn’t down college spirits. Langwith College is also home to the English Department. The college has six accommodation blocks, all within a two minute walk of each other. Unlike some colleges which have ‘accommodation blocks’ on one side of the college away from the buzz, with Langwith you will find yourself living in the middle of it all. The kitchen of C-block looks out on The Courtyard’s garden, while the entrance to D-block bedrooms is right opposite English Department academic offices. This set up is thoroughly endearing and means you are always in the middle of something. Langwith College, along with its next-door neighbour Derwent College, is one of the two original colleges built at the birth of the University back in the 1960s. Because of this history, the rivalry between them remains fierce. While Langwith may have a strong spirit because it is an original college, this does not come without its down sides. The accommodation in Langwith is also thoroughly ‘original’. The walls are paper thin (if your neighbour is an S-Club fan then so are you) and the kitchens are slightly dingy to say the least. Most corridors have about 10 people to a kitchen and only D–block has en-suites. Because of this the entirety of Langwith College is due to be moved to new accommodation on Heslington East – the new campus being built near by the current one – in 2012. However, once you have moved in and got all your own things in place it really will feel like home. So you might only have one oven between ten, but at least Costcutter is only two minutes away, unlike that poor lot from Halifax… Being central has yet another benefit: the key lecture theatre that a lot of first-year lectures are held in is also situated in Langwith. The phrase ‘roll out of bed into my lecture’ is never truer than when the door to your lecture theatre is opposite your bedroom. While pretty much everyone will label Langwith as the ‘rubbish’ college, it should not be underestimated. It is in a prime location and has a great strong college spirit.

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