Cycle stores to be built at Heslington East

Cycle stores are set to be built at Heslington East as part of the new campus’ continuing expansion.

94 spaces will be created, and will provide space for students and staff using the Hub building, signaling the first prominent part of the proposed work planned for Heslington East.

The proposals include a 220-seat lecture theatre, a communal meeting area and a café.

This plan follows the news that 27 bikes have been stolen on campus in the last year, compared to 13 during the same period in 2009.

The local Safer Neighbourhood Team have made the issue one of their key priorities, which was followed by a three-day University crime awareness drive last term. The scheme involved more than 100 students being given road safety advice. Officers also checked the registration plates of thousands of cars in the Heslington and University area, which led to 12 people being issued summons for driving without insurance or a tax disc.

Sergeant Andy Haigh said: “While crime is low at the University, cycle crime is a problem and one which is at the top of the list of policing priorities for the teams covering the area.”

The Heslington East expansion, the site of the new cycle stops and Goodricke College, is set to double the size of the University and will cost £500 million once completed.


  1. On reading the article title I was surprised that a single bicycle store, let alone stores, would reckon Hes East a viable location for a new outlet. I then realised ‘store’ in this instance meant storage space rather than shop. I then read “The Heslington East expansion, the site of the new cycle shops..” and became confused again..

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  2. Bloody ‘ell – bike storage on campus! Why isn’t the national press covering this?

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  3. The only shocker here is that some genius decided to build student accomodation quite far away from campus and (apparently) no bike sheds were built alongside it. They’re only now just getting around to it?

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  4. 24 Jul ’10 at 2:32 am

    Goodricke ex-resident

    @What? There is plenty of bike storage in Goodricke college, both in lockable sheds and hoops around the courts and nucleus.

    I’m assuming the new spaces are mainly there to provide for the staff and students in the new academic bulidings opening in october.

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  5. @ What?

    Goodricke have the best bike facilities on campus! A few of the buildings have it included in the house, you’ll go in and the cameras will follow your movements around the shed.

    Unlike Halifax, where the CCTV doesn’t even work for the accommodation let alone providing any for the bike facilities.

    I refuse to believe that only 23 bikes were stolen from the entirity of campus, however. I was told that ~10 alone were taken on the first night of a certain college’s freshers, and another event had 5 bikes being stolen from the same college all in the same night! There are 7 colleges, I refuse to believe one could make up such a large proportion of that stat.

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  6. I’ll fix it!

    Get it, Jim’ll fix it.

    Oh I give up…

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  8. I also refuse to accept that only 23 bikes were stolen from campus. Nonetheless, Goodricke does have good cycle storage already and I would suggest that the vast majority, if not all, stolen bikes were taken from outside and not from inside the lockable stores.

    But these stores, as pointed out, are being built for the Hub. I’m assuming that the departments will also have cycle-storage, which is good as I know that quite a lot of staff get to uni by bike. Whether the storage will all be lockable or will be out in the open, we’ll have to wait and see (though, that said, I guess during departmental open-hours bikes are less likely to be stolen from outside dept. buildings)

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  9. Why do you refuse to accept it Jason?

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  10. SD would have increased it more! and given you a bike rental scheme.

    you should have vote for him.

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  11. Because I know a good 10 people who have had bikes stolen and am aware that there are a lot more going missing. Of course, 23 is the number of bikes that are *reported* going missing *on campus* so that is obviously a lower figure than otherwise but when we know that there are people deliberately targeting the university for bike thefts it seems odd that there aren’t more bikes missing or people reporting it.

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  12. People don’t report bikes being stolen most of the time because it doesn’t seem worth it. And it might not be personally to them if they had a rusty hunk of junk for a bike, but it does leave us with a situation where the statistics cover up the problem.

    We had four bikes stolen from our yard on Hes Road last year. The police were pretty helpful about the ones we reported but acknowledged that around a thousand bike thefts happen in York every year.

    It’s so clearly untrue that only 23 bikes were stolen.

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