Tim Ngwena’s Blackberry as seen by Ben Gascoyne


18.05.10 23:15
To: president@yusu.org
From: lewis.bretts@yusu.org

you’re looking a bit tipsy Tim, has that Corky’s shot gone to your head?

lew lew x

20.05.10 19:36
To: president@yusu.org
From: jason.rose@gmail.com
Subject: RE: Petition…

for you to end it quickly! look this UGM business is really boring, i just want to go home.
come on…


20.05.10 19.41
To: president@yusu.org
From: services@yusu.org

ohhh no

think we’ve accidentally attended a meeting of the york tories here. zzz

20.05.10 01:31
To: president@yusu.org
From: emily.scott@yusu.org
Subject: OI

motion passed: you’re no fun. why can’t we have the “free ice cream for rhiannon and emily” motion??

21.05.10 09.10
To: president@yusu.org
From: news@theyorker.co.uk
Subject: Any stories?

Hey Tim,

We’re wondering if you’ve got any good stories for us?

The Yorker

22.05.10 09:53
To: president@yusu.org
From: news@theyorker.co.uk
Subject: RE: Any stories?

Of course we’re still around! I’m sure you saw our coverage of Roses right?

23.05.10 11:32
To: president@yusu.org
From: r.kinchin@yusu.org
Subject: RE: Stadium

look, its not that i hate football
im just bored of being better than you…

24.05.10 14:53
To: president@yusu.org
From: c.rowley@yusu.org
Subject: OI!

im bored of the strat plan now

can we talk about something else???


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