Six uncontested positions have made a sham of the York Sport elections

Cesca Dessain, of Netball and Fusion fame, is the new York Sport Events Officer, Photo: Peter Iveson

Cesca Dessain, of Netball and Fusion fame, is the new York Sport Events Officer, Photo: Peter Iveson

I’m no psychic, but I could have told you the results of the York Sport Committee elections long before Friday’s official unveiling of Team Asfahani. Like some kind of plastic kid’s talent show, they were all winners. Well, apart from poor old Will Cusworth, whose swanky poster campaign wasn’t enough to unseat Rosamund Wood from the post of York Sport mathematician and general purveyor of bad news. Perhaps he should try and form a coalition.

Whichever way you look at it, whether you use AV, STV, sexy AV+ or YUSU click and drag, the apathy in this year’s sport committee elections has been disgusting. Six uncontested positions out of seven might be because people are frightened of Sam Asfahani, or because they care far more about their clubs than the body who looks after them, but more likely it is because our sportsmen and women have lost their bottle.

Don’t get me wrong, the elected committee will do a magnificent job, no doubt about it. Each has been passionately committed to their clubs over a long period of time; religiously training two or three times each week, heroically overcoming aching arms and legs to reach the top of Micklegate every Wednesday night and generally looking after the best interests of their mates on endless committees. I wish them well. If nothing else, Netball stands to do very well.

But where was the competition? It astounds me that people from across the whole roster of York Sport-affiliated clubs are so quick to complain, to moan and groan, on the comment forums of Nouse, in my ear on a Wednesday night or at the desk of Emily Scott when they can’t get across the Pennines because they missed their train, can’t afford new shorts because they’ve had one-too-many messy socials or are about to be relegated.

Well guys, here was the chance to get on the inside and make things right, to make some kind of a difference, and you missed it. Nice one. Does this mean everything is hunky dory then in the world of sport at York?

What we had was not a democratic election, more a selecting of a Cabinet. Asfahani might have well of picked names out of his American Football helmet, or he could have borrowed Mark Lund’s cut-out draw kit. The election hustings on Monday evening lasted a paltry 50 minutes. Great for my much-neglected revision strategy, but hardly a glowing tribute to active student participation at York. One-by-one, the candidates stood before the crowd of 40 and read out what they intended to do. In a number of cases, there were no questions asked. There was definitely no chance of a debate breaking out.

So well done Pepper and Copson, good luck with organising a home Roses a person light, welldone Cesca Dessain, Jo Brayshaw, Chris Maughan et al. Thanks for bothering to represent the hundreds of people who play sport. To everyone else, you’d better hope they do a good job.

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  1. will there be a by-election to find a 3rd tournament sec? if not does this not mean that when organising roses that lancaster will have the same amount of people as york and therefore the ability to stop motions going through as we won’t have a majority.

    i would be interested in doing it. only reason i did not apply for this election is because i didn’t really know there were elections until the whole big d fiasco and people talking about elections being put back and by then it was to late to apply!

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