No scope for upsets in the sun

Halifax scored their sixth and I just... CHUNDERED EVERYWHERE

Halifax scored their sixth and I just... CHUNDERED EVERYWHERE

The Mixer thinks maybe it’s destined for higher things. Having played pretty well in recent five-a-sides TM fancies its chances of shoring up York City’s defence next year, as they face another year in the Conference.

Or perhaps TM could be the Emile Heskey to Richard Brodie’s Wayne Rooney; it would certainly make up for our lack of footballing ability. We might get a call-up purely on the basis of convenience, especially if their new stadium is only a ten-minute hung-over jaunt away from a sun drenched Charles beer garden.

If Martin Foyle doesn’t pick TM we could always run for a York Sport Committee job, it’s never too hard to win uncontested, unless you’re running on the ticket of losing Roses and purposely scuppering the rugby team’s title chances. Let’s hope next year there’s more runners, or that winning a position will remain marginally more competitive than a tennis match between Roger Federer and Keith Chegwin.

Having said that TM might just be too busy. Especially at this time of the year when every waking hour is spent working on the College Cup. Spare a thought for TM when you’re watching Algeria v Slovenia in June, the standard will not be as poor as any game involving Langwith seconds or Goodricke thirds. Perhaps we’re being too harsh, any tournament where you have as many twenty teams is bound to be bloated. TM should probably feel sorry for the Spains and Brazils of the campus world who slog through bruising encounters, with every member of the opposition behind the ball, only to reach a last eight, comprised of the same eight teams everybody would have predicted two weeks ago.

At least when that eighth goal goes past the poor soul coerced into standing between the posts while attempting to stop another Mark Johnson screamer, he can bask in the North Yorkshire sunshine. Losing is always more fun when you tan. TM hopes the weather is nice for North Korea.

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