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[mmplace location=”SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA”] The South Korean Foreign Minister, Yu Myung-hwan, has declared that the sinking of a naval ship in March was undoubtedly the work of North Korea. Though the North denied involvement, the minister believes that there is enough evidence for a case to be made to the United Nations. The evidence is said to be the discovery of a torpedo propeller and traces of explosives that match the kind used in a previously recovered North Korea torpedo. The US is believed to be supporting the conclusions drawn, whilst China is more cautious. 46 sailors died in the attack. [/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”BANGKOK, THAILAND”] Order has been returned to Bangkok after months of unrest. The government has regained control of the capital from ‘red shirt’ protesters after several violent confrontations. The problems began following a military coup which ousted Thaksin Shinawatra in 2006.[/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”TEHRAN, IRAN”] A trade of uranium between Iran and Turkey has caused international controvesy. Turkey has agreed to send Iran 120kg of highly enriched uranium for supposed use in a medical research reactor. In exchange, Iran will deliver 1200kg of less enriched uranium to Turkey.[/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”EAST COAST, SOMALIA”]A Somali official has raised concerns over the conviction of a Somali pirate in the US. Jamaal Cumar has questioned the right of a foreign country to try Somali pirates who operate off the East African Coast. Muse, the pirate, has admitted to his part in a 2009 attack and faces a 27 year sentence in American prison. Yemen meanwhile has sentenced six pirates to death for the hijacking of an oil tanker, despite the pirates’ protests about the lack of evidence and the fact that no witnesses were allowed to testify.[/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”NEW YORK, USA”] Plans to build a mosque in New York near the ground zero site has met with great controversy. Founder Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf explains its significance as a demonstration of the true face of the Muslim faith. However there are those who lost loved ones in the terrorist atrocities almost a decade ago who feel rankled by it. They appear to be a minority though, as many are ready to argue that American ideology expresses religious freedom, and therefore one of the great faiths should be recognised.[/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”NANJING, CHINA”] A court in China has sentenced the leader of a group of swingers to three and half years in prison. Eighteen other people involved with the group were also sentenced but were given short punishments. The case has raised questions over the extent of civil liberties in China. In total 190 people were members of the group. [/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM”] The coalition Government has recently published its key policy plans. The main sources of disagreement seem to be immigration and higher education, though the two party Government seems to be united on the NHS and cutting the deficit. Both sides have made concessions, the Conservatives appear to have made less, due to their larger presence in the House of Commons. [/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”The HAGUE, NETHERLANDS”] Supermodel Naomi Campbell may be subpoenaed to give evidence in the trial of former President of Liberia Charles Taylor at The Hague in the Netherlands. Taylor is accused of using diamonds to fund weapons purchases on behalf of the notorious RUF in Sierra Leone. It is thought that he gave Campbell rough diamonds in 1997.[/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”SMOLENSK, RUSSIA”] A team investigating the plane crash which killed the Polish president and 90 other people have discovered non-crew members were in the cockpit. One of the bodies has been identified by the voices picked up in the cockpit. Terrorist attack, fire on board and engine explosion have all been ruled out as possible causes, and the Tupolev-154 plane was deemed to be in full working order when it crashed. The investigation continues. [/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”GULF OF MEXICO”] The oil spillage from BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig has now reached a powerful ocean current which could carry it to Florida. The current has been described as a ‘conveyor belt’ by the European Space Agency, whose satellite photos of the find have raised fears of the oil extending far up the East Coast of America. Aside from the plans to staunch the leak itself with a capping device, emergency teams have been using all manner of methods to clean the surface mess, from dispersant chemicals to booms made from nylon tights.[/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”Lilongwe, MALAWI”]A gay couple could be sentenced up to 14 years in prison, after being found guilty of gross indecency. The Ugandan parliament may also pass a bill making homosexuality punishable by death.[/mmplace]


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    A gay couple could be sentenced up to 14 years in prison, after being found guilty of gross indecency. The Ugandan parliament may also pass a bill making homosexuality punishable by death.”

    The two people convicted are actually not a gay couple. Tiwonge Chimbalanga is a transgendered woman.

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