Bikinis by numbers

Bikinis by numbers

1946. The year the bikini was invented by a fashion designer. We figured we’d start at the very beginning. It is the very best place to start.

30 sq. inches. The amount of fabric that the very first bikini consisted of. Practically modest by today’s standards! Just look at the “shorts” worn in The Courtyard.

1950s. The year in which it was decided that nude photos were not pornographic if they did not show pubic hair. This led to the so-called “pubic wars” between Penthouse and Playboy. Google to find out more.

60%. The percentage of the Nouse office girls who have sunbathed topless. One bikini between two, anyone? Shot gun the bottom half…

26. The number of members of the ‘Mankini Revolution News’ community. Apparently, it’s part of the male sexual revolution. I personally think it is objectification of men. Something should be done.

180. The number of pages devoted to bikinis in the 25th anniversary edition of Sports Illustrated. These clever chappies made scantily clad women acceptable on coffee tables everywhere. And a generation of Nouse sports editors have been thanking them ever since…

50%. What I got in the string bikini quiz. Questions were tricky: What is a string bikini’s nickname? Stand-in Deputy Numbers and I went for nanga nanga. Fun to say, even more fun to watch fall off.

1960s. The decade in which the song ‘itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini’ was made famous. Incidentally, I’m always tempted to sing ‘who wears short shorts’ when bumping into certain male friends. You know who you are.

2,327. The number of people who viewed the ‘bikini chick’ video on ‘American Idol’. Yes, she did get through. No, she was not good. But she did pivot halfway through to allow Mr. Cowell a cheeky glance.

1.The number of bikini quotes discovered by Numbers Research: “A bikini is like a statistic, what it reveals is suggestive, but what it conceals is vital.” We take the same approach here at Numbers HQ. Can’t you tell?

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  1. I don’t mind being objectified. The mankini sounds good to me- especially if its blue…like David Camerons eyes. As a prominent member of the ‘Mankini Revolution News’ community I personally support the male sexual revolution. Carpe Diem!

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