Fire in Vanbrugh F Block

A fire, which originated in the New Vanbrugh F Block, resulted in the fire brigade being called out last night at around 9.30pm.

A first-year student boiling oil for their evening meal left their chip pan on the hob and, on removing the lid, the pan went up in flames. The student’s flatmates were called in, and together attempted to use a fire extinguisher to contain the flames.

Vanbrugh porters, alerted by the fire alarms, suceeded in putting out the fire and the Yorkshire Fire Department used an extractor to remove smoke from the F Block kitchen.

Students were allowed to wait in the Vanbrugh Warren after the fire alarms sounded, before being permitted to return to their rooms 40 minutes later.

An anonymous first-year student remarked: “It was quite exciting, although our kitchen smells like burnt plastic now.”

Other colleges alerted students about taking greater fire saftey measures at the beginning of term. Sheila Ashton, Alcuin College Administrator, sent the following email: “During 2007 there were 24,000 cooking related fires in the UK resulting in nearly 5,000 injuries and unfortunately 36 deaths.

“Since the beginning of the academic year in October the University has recorded 51 activations of the fire alarm system attributed to cooking related incidents. We cannot quantify the number of incidents which did not activate the fire system but never the less put residents at risk.”


  1. “Chip pan”, noun. Abbreviation for “fiery death trap”.

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  2. THE ‘Yorkshire Fire Department’??? DO YOUR RESEARCH.
    YORKSHIRE is not an administrative region of the UK.
    There is no such thing as a FIRE DEPARTMENT in the UK.

    I can only assume you mean North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service…

    Basic details….

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  3. ” YORKSHIRE is not an administrative region of the UK. ”

    No, but sometimes things band together to form one. e.g., the Yorkshire Ambulance Service

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  4. The comments here are always quite amusing. Just relax anonymous, it’s just a f*cking student article. Get a life.

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  5. Anonymous needs an ego slap.

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  6. Anonymous needs to get laid.

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  7. Vanbrugh did have fire safety talks at the start of term, as well as multiple emails being sent out to residents about fire safety.

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