Alcuin signal their intentions by beating Derwent

Alcuin issued a statement that they intend to retain the College Cup, as goals from Miles McDermott, Dan Cox and a Dom Henney own goal delivered a 3-1 win over Derwent

Photograph by Maggie Aslet

Photograph by Maggie Aslet


In the much-billed clash of the titans, Alcuin comfortably overcame Derwent 3-1 thanks in no small part to the long throws of full-back Jack Crane. Crane’s missiles led to two of Alcuin’s three goals and proved a constant menace to Derwent throughout the match. Derwent had found themselves in front through a goal from Ben Smith after a Nav Jabarkhyl effort had come back off the crossbar. Alcuin skipper Miles McDermott then calmly dispatched a controversial penalty to level arrears before a Dom Henney own goal and Dan Cox’s strike extended Alcuin’s advantage.

Derwent were less than impressed with the performance of referee Dave Coupland as they argued initially that the penalty shouldn’t have been awarded and then that no player had got a touch on Crane’s long throw before it crossed the line. Captain Matt Hallam said: “I don’t want to be too harsh on the ref but it was a shocking performance. It was obviously biased, every decision seemed to go their way”.

Derwent suffered a setback right before kick-off when star man Greg Gardner was ruled out of the game having suffered an injury to his ankle. Despite this they had the best of the opening exchanges and deserved to go 1-0 up. Jabarkhyl tried his luck from some distance and when the ball bounced down Ed Lacaille saw his follow up saved but Smith smashed home from close range. It had been a fair reflection on the opening minutes with Alcuin struggling to find their rhythm and Derwent causing their fair share of problems. Steve Walwyn, wide on the left, was proving to be particularly effective as Alcuin’s 4-3-3 formation often meant he was afforded plenty of time and space.

Alcuin v Derwent, 13/05/2010, Photo: Justyn Hardcastle

Miles McDermott strokes home the penalty to equalise for Alcuin on 18 minutes. Photograph by Justyn Hardcastle.

Despite Derwent’s pressing Alcuin soon found themselves back in the game. Joe Cooper was bundled over in the box and despite Derwent’s protestations the penalty was awarded. Hallam himself admitted it was a “needless” penalty to give away and his side were further punished when McDermott dispatched the spot kick in the bottom left corner of the net with the keeper sent the wrong way.

Crane then laid on the second of Alcuin’s three goals. In true Rory Delap fashion the ball was launched into the box and eventually found its way into the back of goalkeeper Dave Attwood’s net. Derwent seemed sure that the ball had not come of anyone but it was eventually credited as a Dom Henney own goal. Derwent had been rocked by the two goals they conceded and struggled to get themselves playing to the level they had early on in the game.

They did manage to test keeper Michael Wynd on occasion with a free-kick from Alex Cooper forcing a save from the man in the Alcuin net but as the half ended it was McDermott’s men who were in charge as firstly the captain himself played a fine through ball which Phil Bowers couldn’t quite latch on to, and then Parris Williams worked himself into some space only to see his attempt kept out by Attwood.

Udy Onwudike’s introduction at the break meant William’s effort on goal had been his last action of the game as Alcuin sought to build on their 2-1 lead. It was Hallam’s Derwent however that were on top early after the break. Smith was put through after a nice touch by the impressive Jabarkhyl, but his volley from the angle of the box was kept out by Wynd at his near post.

Alcuin v Derwent, 13/05/2010, Photo: Justyn Hardcastle

Derwent goalkeeper David Attwood clambers over his defenders to prevent Alcuin Man of the Match Jake Delaney getting his head to the ball. Photograph by Justyn Hardcastle.

Some good work from Chris Barnett and Walwyn created an opportunity for their skipper but Hallam’s shot just cleared the bar. A nice delivery from Alex Cooper almost saw Derwent draw level but the ball evaded everyone and just cleared the far post. With Derwent striving to equalise Alcuin struck the hammer blow of a third goal. Another Crane throw in found its way to Dan Cox who had the simple task of stabbing the ball home from close range, despite more protestations from Derwent who believed there had been a foul in the area.

Derwent didn’t give up and continued to push for a way back into the game but it proved to not be their day. They strived hard and were perhaps hard done by but the impressive Alcuin defence of Paul Reiss and Jake Delaney meant often they were reduced to long-range efforts. McDermott was happy with the win describing it as a “good battling performance” and praising his side’s “high levels of concentration”.

Hallam was less impressed with the result but refused to criticise his team’s performance: “It is never ideal for your best player to get injured five minutes before kick-off, everyone had their heads down and it was hard to lift them”. Nevertheless his side battled hard and will remain a formidable team to face in the tournament. On today’s performance though Alcuin have not only the talent, but also the mettle to repeat last year’s success.


Derwent’s Alex Cooper searches for blue and black shirts in a congested penalty area during his team’s 3-1 defeat on Thursday afternoon. Photograph by Maggie Aslet.

Alcuin Firsts: Michael Wynd, Jack Crane, Jake Delaney, Paul Reiss, Miles McDermott, Phil Bowers, Christy Cormac, Ali Laird (Matt Stopforth), Joe Cooper, Dan Cox, Parris Williams (Udy Onwudike)
Substitute (not used): Simon Reiss

Nouse Fantasy Football Man of the Match: Jake Delaney

Derwent Firsts: David Attwood, Nav Jabarkhyl, Ric Burne, Paul Ward-Jones (Matt O’Connor), Dom Henney, Steve Walwyn, Chris Barnett, Alex Cooper, Matt Hallam, Ben Smith, Ed Lacaille
Substitute (not used): Greg Gardner

Nouse Fantasy Football Man of the Match: Ric Burne

Friday’s Fixtures:
1pm Vanbrugh Seconds vs. Vanbrugh Thirds (rearranged from today)
2pm Goodricke Seconds vs. Derwent Thirds
3pm James Firsts vs. Halifax Seconds


  1. 13 May ’10 at 5:25 pm

    touchline observer

    what is Hallam on?
    as a neutral it what a stone-wall pen.
    the 2nd goal might have been controversial but the penalty was blatant.
    Alcuin hardly played pretty stuff today but it was very effective and obviously frustrated derwent and their captain.
    to question the intergrity of the ref however and to call him bias is going a bit far. sounds like sour grapes to me.

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  2. Paul Reiss is the most underrated player in university football FACT

    Alcuins CB pairing of him and Delaney will take some beating.

    Reply Report

  3. “…Alcuin comfortably overcame Derwent…”

    Are you referring to the match that was played today?

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  4. Matthew Hallam’s post match comments regarding the referee, David Coupland, have been brought to our attention and we are currently investigating the matter.

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  5. Shocking comments from Hallam there, I know he’s probably upset by his teams poor performance but he’s crossed the line with those accusations.

    Reply Report

  6. 13 May ’10 at 5:52 pm

    Karel Poborsky

    ‘touchline observer’ needs to grow a pair… of eyes, or is he a certain collage barbarians captain oft found skulking around the JLD in an i love goodricke t-shirt?

    A few sideline jeers’s from a few blues boys directed goodricke 1sts way on monday seem to have come back to haunt Derwent in the form of two incredibly poor decisions (not including the penalty) from which Alcuin capitalised.

    Reply Report

  7. 13 May ’10 at 5:55 pm

    Crumpled Foreskin

    Dear Derwent fan,

    the writer may have been referring to any of the Alcuin – Derwent games from the past three years…..

    Derwent have not beaten Alcuin in over 9 terms of college football. The only people who can remember a Derwent victory over the mighty reds are the medics and sports centre staff……

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  8. The game was pretty even overall but Alcuin got the goals. Hope Hallam has the humility to accept he’s wrong to accuse the referee of bias, the general consensus on the touchline was that the second and third goals should have stood and the pen was a stone waler.

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  9. 13 May ’10 at 6:13 pm

    Barry Venison

    Why would he be biased? Alcuin are the much better team anyway, and Goodricke and Alcuin have a long-standing rivalry. Unlike Derwent who no-one really cares about after failing to win last year…

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  10. Does Jack Crane only know anti-football?x

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  11. Firstly apologies to Dave Coupland, as Derwent captain this was my first interview and probably should have been a bit more careful with the words I chose. However the quotes that have been used aren’t what I actually said. I honestly didn’t describe Dave Coupland as being biased, what I actually said was that my own opinion was obviously slightly biased in favour of Derwent, or along those lines. In my interview I did claim that I didn’t feel it was a penalty, however in reflection I think it was a bit of a 50/50, some refs would have gave it, others wouldn’t, unfortunately for us Dave gave it, no hard feelings.

    To claim that our team’s performance was poor is very harsh, like I said in my interview, I couldn’t fault anyone for their effort and committment, I also think we played slightly better football but were jut undone by three goals from throw ins, other than that I don’t remember an Alcuin attempt on goal. But fair play to Miles and Alcuin, they play to their strengths and yet again it proved effective against us.

    Reply Report

  12. 13 May ’10 at 6:23 pm

    Graham's Pole

    Bad decisions do not have to be informed by bias and Dave is a nice, honest bloke. I felt that there were quite a few poor decisions today, including two costly howlers that led to goals, but that certainly doesn’t make him a cheat.

    With regards the penalty, it was nailed on tighter than Jesus. The second Alcuin goal looked to be way over the line before Henney touched it but from the side we can’t be sure. Dave can’t have been sure either as he was way out of the area and in that instance he really shouldn’t have given the goal. It is a hard decision though and he clearly did what he thought was right. The real question is why the chuff did Henney try header it in the first place, all he could achieve at best was to put it back into the danger zone. The rational decision would have been to let it cross the line and take the goal kick.

    The third goal though was a foul without a doubt. The lad not only jumps into the ‘keeper, he knocks it out of two hands while clutching the ‘keeper’s arm with his hand.

    None of this changes the fact that Coupland should not be accused of bias.

    As for comfortable, I really couldn’t disagree more. Derwent pressed for most of the match and once the lumbering Onwudike replaced Williams, who holds the ball up better than Udy anyway, Alcuin were finished as an attacking force, relying on corners, free kicks, and throw ins.

    Decent game to watch though

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  13. Fair play to Hallam, moving on…

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  14. 13 May ’10 at 6:37 pm

    Peter Whittingham

    Song request for Dave Coupland…

    Reply Report

  15. ‘The real question is why the chuff did Henney try header it in the first place, all he could achieve at best was to put it back into the danger zone. The rational decision would have been to let it cross the line and take the goal kick.’

    99% sure I was behind the line and that it hadnt touched anyone beforehand, still takes alot to just let the ball into your own net. Much easier to say that afterwards compared to thinking about doing it during a match…

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  16. 13 May ’10 at 6:55 pm

    David Coupland

    No need to apologise Matt, I understand how it feels to be a college captain and how frustrating it can be when your side plays better football and doesn’t get the result deserved. Just to be clear, I really did not mean to make any bias decisions, and apologise if it came across that way.

    The pen looked stone-wall to me, Nav was silly to make contact with him in the box. From my position for the second goal it looked as though it came of Henney’s head, who was on the line, and resultantly had to be a goal. The third goal looked to me as though the keeper had jumped over a group of players and although may have made contact with the ball, was never in control of it.

    Anyway, figured I had better just confirm my reasons. I though Derwent were a much better side, and it was an unlucky result. Thanks for the apology Matt, but really I understand why you were frustrated. I did my best and stand by my decisions, but may be hanging up my whistle from now on.

    Reply Report

  17. David – that still doesn’t explain the short shorts….

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  18. Just to make it even clearer, I did not accuse Dave of being biased, the word has been taken completely out of context. I simply said that I didn’t agree with some of the big decisions and admitted that my opinion on these decisions was biased. Like someone has commented already, accusing him of bias would be crossing the line, which is why I didn’t go that far. Just because I didn’t agree with some of the decisions it doesn’t mean I feel he was favouring one team over the other. Henry can probably confirm that when he was interviewing me he was jotting down words whilst I was talking at some speed, as it happens he has already apologised about the mis-quotes and has offered to change the article but I’m not too bothered as anyone who knows me will know that I wouldn’t have made such a comment. At full time the last thing I wanted to do was talk about the defeat and could have easily refused to comment or told them to make something up (as some captains do) but given the hard work the Nouse team put in I thought it would have been disrespectful to do this, so I told it how I saw it, having spoken to most of my team they had very similar feelings to mine, that maybe we were a bit hard done by and a bit unlucky but it’s gone now so lets move on.

    Fair play to Dave for coming out and justifying his decisions, not many would have the balls to do it, in all honesty I don’t think there’ll be a harder game to ref in the group stages than todays, and having reffed myself I completely understand how hard it can be.

    Weller, Lineker, Walsh, Claridge, Heskey, Izzet, Fryatt… McDermott, up there with the greats mate!

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  19. 13 May ’10 at 9:28 pm

    Miles McDermott

    If I accuse you of being bias Mr. Coupland will you put on rose tinted specs for my team?!

    “I though Derwent were a much better side, and it was an unlucky result.”

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  20. 13 May ’10 at 9:41 pm

    Graham's Pole

    At least Coupland didn’t crack under the pressure

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  21. 13 May ’10 at 10:57 pm

    A Certain Training Session...

    I have no idea what you Alcuin boys were doin in lettin the infamous Miles ‘I never miss honestly even though I claim never to miss and then proceed to miss three in a penalty shootout at training’ McDermott take the penalty in the first place….

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  22. Those goals can be debated for all eternity now that they’re on the Vision website…

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