York Hornets win BCA Midlands competition

University of York cheerleaders, the York Hornets, have achieved first place at The BCA (British Cheerleading Association) Midlands Classic competition, beating 18 other squads to the title.

The 25-member squad entered the two-day competition over the Easter weekend of 3rd – 4th April at Telford International Centre, impressing judges with a routine of two minutes 30 seconds showcasing their acrobatic, dance and group skills to a fast paced mash-up of contemporary music.

Established by President Hannah Barwick-Walters and Head Coach Donna Somerville in 2008, the Gold and Black squad have certainly upped their game from last year’s fourth place at the Telford competition.

After intensive preparation throughout the spring term, the squad engaged in 2 days full training on campus and perfected their routine at a gymnastics centre in the week running up to the competition.

They entered level 2 of the University and All Star division, competing against an unusually high 19 other teams.

Barwick-Walters, a third year Social Policy and Social Work student, commented: “It was tough as usually there are only 4 or 5 in a division. More Uni’s are getting squads now – divisions are getting larger.”

Last year, the Hornet’s came fourth out of a 12-squad division, with their close competitors the Royal Holloway Tom Cats winning the trophy.

“They only announce the top three” said Barwick-Walters “so we just had no idea whether we had first place or lower down. There was silence for like a minute before they announced it.”

The girls agree their routines were stronger this year, with a healthy mix of both experienced cheerleaders and freshers in their competitive squad. Co-ed divisions are also available, but this year no Hornet boys tried out.

The routines were judged on skills, control, jumps and formations. Barwick-Walters recalls: “We came off the mat absolutely chuffed, some routines you can go off crying! There were no falls, our baskets were high, the flyers were controlled, the pyramids were good. And our 3 Kodak moments were great, everyone cleaned.”

The team scored 243 points out of a possible 300, with second place awarded to the Brighton Panthers with 239.5. The Hornets chose to enter in at level 2, although higher divisions are available up to level 5 which give the option of performing more demanding stunts but not necessarily performances of a higher standard. Barwick-Walters explains: “We entered in at level 2 because our aim was to be hitting skills and progressing properly rather than to throw ourselves in at the deep end with the most technical kinds of performances. It’s better to max out your division.”

“We were just aiming to better ourselves. At the back of my mind I wanted first place for us, but I never said it to the girls.”

Rowan Parks, a third year social policy student and the society’s Press and Publicity Officer agrees: “Our initial aim was to come off the mat happy…when we watched the video back we were all thrilled with our performance but still weren’t sure we’d beaten last years’ winners. It was the most amazing feeling. We’d all worked so hard and it had totally paid off!”

Following the squads’ victory at Telford, several went on the Hornets first “tour”, attending Rimini’s Festival Italia which ran from 5th – 11th April. Hornets attended skills workshops alongside other squads such as the Nottingham Knights and “stunting on the beach was fun.” Laura Faye Nero, a first year Politics student, said of the tour: “It was great to combine cheerleading with a holiday. Chilled out days on the beach and a crazy nightlife, with lots of team banter and chants.”

For Barwick-Walters, their graduating founder and 2 year President, she plans to tryout for a London-based level 4 squad in September. “I’m looking forward to the chance to perform and compete with a squad; it will be a different feeling to relinquish the responsibility of Hornets. It would be really great at competitions to catch up and I’d hope to be able to come back and help out with new skills.”

Now all eyes are on Week 6 and the Future Cheer Internationals, 5th- 6th June at Bournemouth International Centre. Entering level 2 again and competing against teams such as the Royal Holloway Tom Cats: “It’ll be the last competition for us old girls” says Barwick-Walters “it’s possibly the biggest in the country. If we get 1st at the BIC it would be amazing.”


  1. 11 May ’10 at 11:56 am

    Not Interested

    is this news…


  2. 11 May ’10 at 11:58 am

    Disenchanted Reader

    Is this a joke. Surely the Nouse editors are playing a late April Fools having this as headline news.


  3. 11 May ’10 at 12:09 pm

    More pictures

    less writing, please.


  4. Good luck in Bournemouth girls!


  5. 11 May ’10 at 12:27 pm

    The Cheerleader Effect

    Less pictures, more writing please.


  6. 11 May ’10 at 12:40 pm

    Happy Hornet!

    I’d say York actually winning at a sport was pretty big news!
    Bring on nationals!!! :D


  7. their hair bows are cute! and congrats


  8. 11 May ’10 at 12:50 pm

    Why can't people just be pleased?

    If you’re not interested then why did you post a comment? I’m really sick of people thinking cheer is a joke. Its a great sport (yes SPORT), york is actually really good at it and its here to stay so get used to more of these headlines bucko.


  9. 11 May ’10 at 1:00 pm

    Smokin' Hot Cheer

    It’s nice to see University pride and team spirit haven’t disappeared completely.

    One squad at a previous competition was overheard saying “That’s the York Hornets, they’re really good!”. Whether you personally think its a sport or not our reputation speaks for itself, and cheer is here to stay at York!


  10. 11 May ’10 at 1:00 pm

    Smokin' Hot Cheer

    And thanks to people who wish us luck and congratulations!!


  11. Fantastic result girls, massive well done, good luck for Bournemouth!


  12. 11 May ’10 at 1:13 pm

    I'm happy for the Cheerleaders

    But seriously, more pictures please.


  13. 11 May ’10 at 1:39 pm

    Makeup is not a requirement in serious sport

    Neither are bows


  14. 11 May ’10 at 2:31 pm

    Not Interested

    Is it really a sport though…? “there are the york hornets, they’re really good” – thats called sarcasm.


  15. How is our glee team doing?


  16. 11 May ’10 at 2:38 pm

    Artie from Glee displays a greater range of mobility than you

    Another example of the ‘dumbing down’ in our proud University system. Cover up and display some dignity.

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  17. 11 May ’10 at 2:57 pm

    Can we at least find a way

    of making the current picture bigger?


  18. 11 May ’10 at 3:47 pm

    Kurt from Glee

    I’m very proud of the Hornets, and definitely think we should applaud our girls for winning a NATIONAL title.

    However, while I think Artie’s comment about whoring is massively unfair and totally misses the point of cheerleading, things like the recent Cavewoman (aka wear as little as possible) social don’t exactly help the Hornets case.

    They are really talented dancers, but unfortunately some think they should be known more by how much skin they can show at Ziggys.

    BRAVO for the victory though!


  19. what are the odd’s that “smokin’ hot cheer” is certainly not smoking hot…


  20. 11 May ’10 at 4:28 pm

    An incredibly proud Hornet

    These negative responses are an absolute joke!!! If any other sports team had been put on the front page of the news section for winning first place they wouldn’t have their achievements dampened by people criticising every aspect of their sport. Also these criticisms most likely come from ignorant people who don’t have the slightest idea as to what competitive cheerleading entails; which is dedication, hard work at training and many different physical skill levels.

    Also to the whoring comment, it is up to individuals what they choose to wear on socials and is nothing to do with this article. Most sports teams that are out on Wednesdays go out not wearing a lot and especially some of the male sports teams however this doesn’t mean that there sport is then criticised for this. Please don’t criticise unless you know what your on about.

    Well done hornets, we did so well!


  21. Hmm. The usual. The Hornets always seems to get crap from randoms, but I’ve seen the winning video and I can’t think of any other York sport team that has people doing gymnastics (backflips, roundoffs, handsprings, anyone?) dancing, making human pyramids, and throwing fully grown people into the air. It’s so impressive to watch, and looks like it requires having way more varied skills (and probs more fitness and flexibility) than say kicking/throwing a ball around or whatever.

    I think gymnastics requires very little clothing and lots of make up, haven’t you seen the olympics? It’s just practical, I guess. And in that picture it’s obvious their top halves are completely covered, just the same amount of leg on show that you’d get in a pair of running shorts. It’s such a non-argument.

    People clearly have been watching way too much American high school teen dramas. I see Kurt’s point about the socials but I do think that’s true of pretty much of all socials in ziggy’s, regardless of the sport. especially when teams do things like baywatch.

    I think any York team that does well deserves applause, we’re not great at sport and need all the glory we can get. Congrats.


  22. Jealously is all the fun you think they had.


  23. 11 May ’10 at 4:49 pm

    Someone who has actually been to a cheerleading competition

    To all those cynics of just how well the hornets have done and how cheer is most certainly a sport, I would assume that you haven’t actually been to a national cheerleading comp? I have, and I can assure your ridiculously narrow minds that it is an extremely COMPETITIVE SPORT.

    The fact that we have established a cheer squad at this uni that can compete at a national level is an incredibly commendable achievement in the first place, but then to actually win a national competition, beating squads who have been around far longer and who receive far greater support and backing from their uni is more than just newsworthy: it is fantastic.

    On the note of Ziggys, you can hardly single out cheerleaders for their exploits there! Many sports teams are seen with not exactly much on, hockey and rugby to name just two. This seems like an attempt to de-value what has been achieved by a sports team at York for a reason I cannot understand! Jealousy perhaps? Whatever it is, wise up you fools! The hornets have worked hard and deserve to be applauded and not torn down.


  24. i would say to all the people who are horrible about cheer, come and give it a go. its not as easy as it looks.

    as for the ziggys point, that could apply to all socials (let me remind you of the hockey social where small shorts and no shirts were worn). so its not just the cheerleaders.


  25. 11 May ’10 at 4:57 pm

    Sue Sylvester from Glee (cheerleading coach)

    I find some of these comments hugely derogatory and patronizing. The fact that the University has a sports team that is capable of competing on a national level and actually wins, should most certainly be top news and the team should get the recognition they all deserve!


  26. 11 May ’10 at 5:03 pm

    Genuinely uninterested

    I agree you guys are a sport! Hence why you won us all those points and Roses and why you come under News rather than the Sport section of the Nouse Website.

    I agree with ‘the Cheerleader effect’, definitely less photos.


  27. May I point out that there are plenty of sports clubs that have similar themed nights, and also the Hornets never wear their uniforms on a night out like many clubs, so that they avoid reinstating the typical and wrong cheerleader stereotype.


  28. To be fair, I wouldn’t call cheerleading a sport… in the same way that I would not call dancing a sport.

    That said, I don’t understand why people are attacking them. I myself think that events similar to ‘cavewoman’ are a bit ridiculous, but then again, so are many campus events – Porno V for one. Plus, I don’t think that York cheerleaders are any more promiscuous than other sports teams, as it has been pointed out already.

    By the way, make-up is required in some ‘serious’ sports – ice-skating for one.



  29. Thanks Aris and everyone else that supports us, but I’d like to argue that competitive cheerleading is definitely a sport.

    Although cheerleading does involve dance, this actually does not make up much of our routine. Whereas I would agree that dance is not a sport, anything that involves gymnastics and acrobatics most definitely is. A lot of people just don’t seem to realise that competitive cheerleading is not all about prancing around, shouting and looking pretty! Maybe you should actually watch our routine?

    And to everyone who’s throwing ill informed insults at us – I’d like to see you even try a cartwheel.


  30. Serious sport schmerious sport.
    I find this thread of negative comments absolutely ridiculous. It also says a lot about some of the people that commented on this article, whom ever you may be. A group of cheerleaders who worked really hard for two years won a national competition! This is not something to be scoffed at… those who have done obviously have nothing better to do. Why not try cheerleading to pass the time? It would certainly be a more constructive pass-time than sitting on your superiour thrones, presiding over your ‘serious’ sports, than picking on those who are doing something well, and winning competitions for it.
    Get a life. And a bow.


  31. I don’t know what you mean, these girls are great sport!


  32. 11 May ’10 at 5:53 pm

    Kathryn (Lancaster Roses)

    A massive, massive well done to you girls!!

    I’ve never heard of a squad anywhere going from completely unknown to Midlands Champions in the space of 2 years – let alone a Uni squad where money, time and practice space is not readily available.

    You girls should be so proud of yourselves. Your routine was flawless and you truly showed the other 18 squads (us included) how its done.

    Best of luck for the next competitive year. You deserve it :)


  33. 11 May ’10 at 5:59 pm

    I agree with the Cheerleaders

    Cheer is a serious sport and I think to prove it the girls should throw some pictures up of themselves in action doing jumps and splits and whatnot.

    It’s the only way to shut up the naysayers.


  34. wow, its nice to know that other universities support us, if not our own. Cheers York (But still thanks to those Yorkies actually recognising our achievement)


  35. I can’t believe there are still so many ignorant people at York. This argument has been going on since Hannah and Anna first founded the squad, and we (cheerleaders) ALWAYS won the argument, so JOG ON!

    I was there with the girls at Easter in Telford, and the number of other universities that support the squad is unbelievable. It is pretty rare to get such a high level of support from teams you are competing against.


  36. I agree with Ex-Hornet. I was with the girls on their recent European tour, and they certainly got my support then.


  37. 11 May ’10 at 6:54 pm

    40th Comment!

    Do we not all have degrees to be getting on with…?


  38. How embarrassing for people at other unis to read…

    a group of students have done really well in something, something NATIONALLY, and our own students are being aholes to them? take your misogynistic views elsewhere it’s ridiculous. just because the concept of cheerleading has been sexualised by the media doesn’t mean that these girls fulfill those stereotypes. they did not define the stereotype, and they have done nothing to make you think that. does every single one of these commenters know a hornet/a group of them?

    well done and i hope you win the nationals too.

    p.s: i’m not a hornet…


  39. I love how people can hate us. I love cheerleading because it means that I can pull guys who are far hotter than me.

    It’s not a sport but hey, it gets me men, ‘before the lights come on’.

    Ignorance is bliss anyway.


  40. Ian, you spelt ‘asholes’ wrong, it’s spelt ‘ian curtis’.


  41. infidels.


  42. ps. in my country these women would be treasured

    Comment edited by a moderator


  43. 11 May ’10 at 9:45 pm

    Hannah Barwick-Walters

    I have tried to hold off making a comment on this all day as I know it is purely rising to the bait of many ignorant people on here.

    But when it gets personal about any of the girls it goes beyond the regular ‘cheer is not a sport’ banter which we have got very used to and it is not acceptable. To talk about the girl’s appearances is disgusting and ridiculous.

    Im pretty sure that none of the anonymous posters on here would ever say any of these comments without the facade of ‘hilarious’ screen names.

    I would be very willing to have a mature and sensible debate with anyone about cheerleading and the elements of it which associate it with a sporting activity (they are very similar to that of gymnastics). However I dont think that any of the negative posters would be interested in this as they would rather to continue uninformed stereotypes for fun.

    When we were competing we had supporters from Lancaster, YSJ and Royal Holloway supporting us wholeheartedly. It just upsets me that the same can not be said for students at our own university.

    To all Hornets, ignore the comments, rise above them. You did your squad proud and what the rest of the university thinks does not matter a bit.
    You CAN do it again at Nationals and we wont be hiding our success for fear of reprisals. Winning is something to be proud of and so you should be.

    Thankyou to those who have made positive comments, it means a lot.


  44. Formed in 2008. Winning a competition. Great national reputation already. Challenging physical activity, irrespective of whether you call it a sport, and having seen them perform on a number of occasions, always fantastic to watch.

    If we won University Challenge you wouldn’t hear people saying “well it’s not a proper sport”. And from what I gather they’re not exactly sluts – especially if you compare them to several of the men’s teams. Obviously, of course, it’s fine for men to sleep with loads of people because that makes them a player instead of a whore. And even if they did sleep around (which they don’t), how does that make a difference?

    Fantastic achievement, ladies, and it’ll be great to see you continue to aim upwards and win more over the next few years! Question to any of the girls that read the comments – can you cope without Barwick-Walters et al next year or are they still the main core of the team? :)


  45. @jason rose, i firmly support the hornets and i think there achievement is amazing, the amount of physical work they put in awesome and the haters should shut up its clearly people who are jealous.

    However how can you use university challenge as example ‘well it’s not a proper sport’ last time i checked answering questions is most defiantly not a sport i would call it a quiz. Secondly as a male sports player i take offence to you suggesting that male sports player are sexually promiscuous. Can people including yourself please just give sports teams a break. If were not apparently being a bunch of sluts then were all of being alcoholics, people in sports team train hard and put a lot of hard work in to preparing for matches, why shouldn’t we be allowed to let our hair down and have some fun. We play hard and we party hard!


  46. Well done hornets! Everyone’s worked so hard and having only been established 2 years ago, winning 1st place at BCA midlands is fantastic. Good luck for this year’s nationals. :D

    Hannah, and Donna- we hope to make you very proud next year and will continue with your passion, dedication and hard work!


  47. J, sucking up to them won’t make them want to sleep with you. Quite the opposite.


  48. 11 May ’10 at 11:55 pm

    Observing unexplainable aggression

    If people have a problem with the Hornets there is no need to send unnecessarily offensive posts underneath an article that is commending their hard earned achievements. This merely shows you to be spiteful.

    There is no need to be offensive to people that are just trying to succeed at something that is actually very hard to succeed at. If you don’t believe this, then try it before you slate it.

    To all Hornets: The people commenting are in a minority, you are all determined and hard working and deserve all the trophies that you bring home. The majority of the university I’m sure are grateful for a uni sport to achieve a national award.

    To all making offensive comments: Maybe you should take advice from the hornets, and smile more. You might find you are more happy for it.


  49. 12 May ’10 at 12:07 am

    Emma (Captain of Lancaster Roses)

    I had to put a comment on here after reading the posts today but again I just want to applaud the Hornets on their excellent performance at the BCA Midlands competition. The fact that they were only set up 2 years ago and are already NATIONAL Champions is, as Kathryn said, unheard of in British competitive cheerleading and stands as testament to the hard work and dedication of the squad. As Captain of our squad at Lancaster, I know how I would feel if we got this treatment from members of our Student Union.

    So you don’t think this is big news? Fine.
    So you don’t think cheerleading is a sport? Fine.
    So you think it is acceptable to comment upon the integrity and character of ladies you have probably never even met? Not fine.

    I had the pleasure of meeting these ladies last year at Roses, and I can vouch for the fact that they are an incredibly committed group of athletes – Yes, that’s right. Athletes. Sportswomen. I can understand why there is a blurred line between whether or not cheerleading is a sport, but if you look at how sport is actually defined:

    Sport – an activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively

    With this definition in mind, cheerleading IS a sport.

    Cheerleading involves lifting people, which like lifting weights involves physical exertion.

    Cheerleading, like gymnastics, football etc has a national governing body (BCA – British Cheerleading Association) which runs national competitions to allow us to fulfill the competitive element associated with sport.

    But hey, what do I know? I’m only a cheerleader, right?

    So students of York who have been leaving negative comments on here – don’t think you’re clever by saying cheerleading is not a sport. It’s not new. We hear it every day. It just makes us work even harder. Work even harder to bring trophies back for our University. To make our fellow students proud. Oh wait….maybe they’re only proud at Lancaster?

    Great result ladies! Ignore these negative comments, and keep working as hard as possible :) Good luck with your next competition!

    Lancaster Roses


  50. 12 May ’10 at 12:32 am

    Smokin' Hot Cheer

    @personal assault on my appearance: My name is a reference to the fact I’m the only smoker on the squad and that the Hornets are hot at cheerleading. Which we are, our two 1st, 2 2nd, 4th and 5th place trophies sitting in the Uni cabinet sort of testify to this just a little.

    Make up and bows aren’t necessary for Cheerleading actually. They do help us increase our scores for creativity and performance however. Taking note of the details = massive trophy we have to our name.

    Are we seriously still having this debate? No one cares if you think we’re slags, ugly or objects of perversion, you’re blatantly trolling yourselves silly.

    @All the “cheer is not a sport”ers: Come try cheer then and make your point. Else be quiet.

    I can’t believe the amount of disrespect and hate coming from our OWN University. Teams from Universities we’ve never even met before (like Tomcats, or Bournemouth Brightstars) supported us at our first competitions. Perhaps this kind of welcoming and open mindedness is something only us “dumb, whoring cheerleaders” have got the hang of.

    @Everyone being supportive, or at least logical in their arguements, even the anti-cheer ones: thank you, your attachment to reason and rational debate is heartening!

    @Manwhore. ~J isn’t Jason Rose, he’s a friend of mine. And has no interest in sleeping with any of us. And not because we hang around in Ziggy’s too long and let the light hit our faces.


  51. Couple of quick points:

    A lot of the negative comments were made the same people, so they are more representative of the commenter than general opinion.

    As anyone who spends time on these sites will attest, ~J most certainly is Jason Rose.


  52. 12 May ’10 at 12:50 am

    Smokin' Hot Cheer

    Perhaps so. I have a friend who uses the same sign off. How confusing.

    It is easy to get wound up at the minority when the comments are so personal and have no basis, many thanks again to every one who wishes us luck/ sends us congratulations/ is disinterested and so moved past this article without care.


  53. At least they won something. better then the american football team. set up at around the same time has won the grand total of zero matches..


  54. 12 May ’10 at 1:44 am

    Ex black and gold energizer bunny

    From being in the squad last year I can say that the team spirit within the hornets is unbelievable.
    What is the point in the negative comments? When you grow up and leave university you realise there is no point to what you are doing. It makes a mockery out of a team, yes a TEAM who work so hard to accomplish their goals. They have accomplished theirs. Have you accomplished yours? My guess is not. One word springs to mind – jealousy. We win trophies and have done better in our first year and a half at york than any other team.
    The university of York is one of the best in the country, specifically at science, and I know for a fact that many of the Hornets are scientists. How you can pretend that they can´t form a coherent sentence is beyond me when you applied for the same university as them, hence most likely being just as smart as them is beyond me. You bring shame on yourselves for not supporting your university when it does well. Maybe you should stop being such spoilt public school boys, grow up and learn to respect your fellows.
    The fact that these negative comments are still going on really is an eye opener to how immature some people can be – especially when they go to a university such as York. I actually pity you.
    Did you know that when you leave university here are thousands of people just like you trying to go for the same jobs? Having a negative attitude towards a team at your university most definitely does NOT work in your favour. Good luck for when you leave bubble because i can guarantee you won´t ge far with atitudes like what you are carrying.

    On a positive note – well done girls!!! Extremely proud of you. Miss you loads.


  55. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yX3w8MW_0Y

    Yeah I thought so, now to all you cynics, shut the hell up! Unless you have tried it you seriously can’t comment.


  56. 12 May ’10 at 11:37 am

    An actual Hornet

    As a large eusocial wasp of the genus vespa with a wide vertex and an anteriorly rounded gaster, I am shocked at the level of bile being spewed forth upon me and my buzzy brethren. I was so angry when I read this that I put one of my tiny legs through the screen and sent Kurt from Glee the bill!


  57. NATIONAL Champions of a REGIONAL competition and at a level 2 of 5… If you read the article you find it is in fact not news…


  58. 12 May ’10 at 11:46 am

    What is sport?

    Sport = an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition. Difficult to suggest any sports at york don’t tick these boxes


  59. why have you linked to that video?

    as impressive as it is, it isn’t even the ‘hornets’ doing the stunts so why do you want respect for it, that’s like a member of the football team posting a clip of zidane and then saying “oooo shut the hell up that’s how good we are!”… can the ‘hornets’ do any of that? i’m guessing not. and there are 2 guys doing all the strength work.. are there any guys in the hornets? are they allowed?

    well then.





  61. Guys are allowed, hornets just didn’t have any at tryouts.


  62. 12 May ’10 at 12:18 pm

    Disgruntled Tory

    I blame the coalition government – we should never have given the Lib Dems a sniff of power! here here angry man


  63. 12 May ’10 at 12:31 pm

    Hornet Cheerboy

    cheerleading is a sport – you can’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. if your only experience of cheer is american tv then you have no right having an opinion.

    And yes, boys are allowed in, there is just such a misplaced homophobic stigma attached to it by anyone who doesn’t understand that you have to be quite thick-skinned to get over the constant jibes. I have never met such a welcoming warm group of people who instantly appreciate you and make you feel part of the team. Definitely worth it.


    x Munro


  64. 12 May ’10 at 12:41 pm

    Pathetic freak show babies

    This is unreal, nouse thinks these girls are doing so well. I mean they are competing in level 2. That means that everything good such as flips and aerials are prohibited. A spotter is required for the smallest of stunts and the cool sounding moves such as ‘helicopters’ would probably kill one of them. * Comment edited by moderator


  65. Who keeps removing my very valid posts? I’m going to repeat level 2 is a joke. Children compete at this level. Needing a spotter for someone is only just lifted above the shoulder is a joke. Plus if you are so obsessed with gymnastics, go and do it. A round off is not impressive, almost anyone can do that. I know so many people that can do back flips (Fusion). Plus your weird cheer smiles creep me out, have you tried doing it in a mirror, it’s almost as bad as Gordon Brown trying to smile.


  66. The whole idea of cheerleading is to lead cheers (for people cheering for the actual sport or athletic events where the cheerleaders are appearing), not to watch it as an end in itself.


  67. 12 May ’10 at 1:59 pm

    My name is Jack

    Cheerleading is not a sport. It’s a popularity contest. Some people might insist that because there’s some athleticism involved, that makes it a sport. But there’s athleticism involved in being a pole dancer, too, and no one would claim that’s a sport.


  68. Even if it’s a joke, winning is still bloody impressive. As said, they only have a couple of years of experience so sincere kudos to them for it!

    To clarify: Yes, I’m Jason Rose. I *do* think that cheerleading is a sport but my comment was to say that the fact that some people think it isn’t doesn’t mean that it’s any less impressive. Obviously University Challenge isn’t a sport but if you win it, people aren’t going to complain about that fact. It’s physically challenging, the girls have defeated a large number of other competitive teams and they deserve all the support that York can give. I likewise didn’t mean to imply that sports teams are all drunkards or all sleep around – of course they don’t. It’s just silly to pick on one team and say it when there are loads with reputations and it’s all nonsense. And to “manwhore” – I’m engaged, thank you very much, and would rather not “sleep with” any of them.

    Why do we have stupid comments whenever we do well? Write a comment piece for Vision if you want to complain about one of the teams or report it to Emily Scott and deal with it properly. But don’t ruin it when they are bloody national champions. BAH


  69. 12 May ’10 at 2:54 pm

    RAID - Insect Reppellent

    reminiscent of a certain ‘Roses 2009’ display in Central Hall. what what!


  70. Cheerleaders, York.

    I hope your cheering abilities are better than your general knowledge.



  71. 12 May ’10 at 3:24 pm

    The quality of hornets

    People laughing, hornets falling, roses 2009


    Your colours really aren’t shining


  72. Most discussion points have now been covered and as such commenting is now closed for this article.