Tru sold by Luminar group

Tru nightclub has been closed by Luminar group and will be closed on Tuesdays “for the foreseeable future”

A YUSU press release has today announced the closure of TRU nightclub on Tuesday nights, to be replaced by a new student night for University of York students at Club Salvation.

The announcement made it clear that TRU would be closed on Tuesday nights “for the foreseeable future having been sold by Luminar Leisure.”

Club Salvation, situated on the corner of Tanner Row and George Hudson Street in York City Centre, is to follow on from Tru as the University’s Official Tuesday night, opening solely to University of York students and their guests.

Salvation is of similar capacity to TRU, with two floors and different music on each level. Entry will be priced at £3 per head whilst the club will stay open later than TRU until 4.30am.

The announcement went on to state that “Q-Jumps will be available, and the first 100 people to come to The Courtyard on Monday next week will receive free tickets for the Tuesday Week Three launch night.”

YUSU Democracy and Services Officer, Lewis Bretts, stated: ” Obviously I’m disappointed with TRU’s closure but I think Salvation is a great club and I think they’ve put on a fantastic offer for Tuesday nights. I look forward to seeing people there.”


  1. Truesdays are going to continue, same drinks, same staff, same DJs, same company- just in a different venue. This will still be contractually a york student night, just in a different place. That’s what i’ve heard.

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  2. yeah it is mate, it was at gallery last night and it was immense! It was mental! So busy! Shall be returning to trusdays at Gallwah!

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  3. This reminds me a time on my gap yah – I just chundered everywhere!

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  4. LL Fan: “contractually a student night”?

    What on earth do you mean by that?

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  5. Where am I supposed to get my weekly fix of Pendulum, Journey and pop-rap now?

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  6. 5 May ’10 at 3:53 pm


    I think salvation will be a really good venue fo us. I know someone who works there and he is so passionate about making it an amazing night. as for gallery what do they do ? nothing everyone is sick of it already. Salvation is where both me and my mates are going.

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  7. 5 May ’10 at 4:09 pm

    Nice to change.

    I, for one, am pretty happy about this news. Tru has been consistently terrible, and although Gallery is marginally better, 3 times a week is far too much. Last nights Gallery was packed, but the music was on a special level of awful. Will be nice to see what Salvation can provide.

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  8. What a loss, Tru was the best of a bad bunch.

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  9. this ain’t the first time the uni has gone to salvation, am i the only one who remember the terrible sports nights they tried to do instead of ziggys, salvation promised lots of really good stuff and delivered nothing but rubbish, hence the reason it was out competed by a converted town house. It did not work last time and im sure it wont work this time….. im going to miss toff’s

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  10. Sports nights failed because of tribal loyalty to Ziggys – and fair enough.

    Salvation seems really up for putting on a good night, and I think it should work out really well if students give it their backing – that is the key.

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  11. ok here’s how it is.
    I work for salvation and i can’t tell you all enough about how much work we are putting into this night for you all. please add me on facebook and send me a private message with any questions! Thanks

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  12. Do you think they’ll actually do it! One last night at Tru before it goes to Salvation…i hope so, want to say goodbye to the place lol

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  13. lol its open on days other than Tuesday still. Might pull a milf or get some bum fun on the different nights though!

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  14. 18 May ’10 at 9:44 am

    Andrew Elliott

    Ziggys are willing to put on other student only nights.
    These will run alongside our “Wednesdays”
    So societies,clubs etc wanting to help us run a night-please get in touch. Andrew Elliott (Mr.Ziggy!) 01904 620602

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  15. 22 May ’10 at 9:32 pm

    loves ZiggysBUT

    Ziggys is ok one night a week thanks! I really dont want to spend another night of the week there. Variety please.
    I just wish there was another club like the new one on a Tuesday.

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