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Inspired by the elections last term, I decided it was time to take a stand. I launched my own one-man guerrilla campaign on the YUSU suggestion box. I was going to get pancakes on the menu if it killed me.

Democracy, my friends, is a beautiful thing. As The Courtyard’s (self-proclaimed) number one fan, I thought it appropriate that I was the one to pass judgement on the new menu. Armed with a handful of unsuspecting, Nouse-blue guinea pigs, I begun my experiment. Votes were cast, votes were counted, and Rhianna, we even used STV.

First up, the light snacks. The crudités were a clear winner. Pepper slices, carrot sticks and cucumber shards are served with a pot of hummus and sour cream. For the less veggie orientated lads (or laddies), there’s a substantial portion of flatbread; loaded up with enough dip, it’s almost unhealthy.

As a fan of the bagels, I approached the wraps with suspicion. Still, never one to let prejudice interfere with integrity, I was willing to put aside my concerns. The steak wrap was the outright favourite and awarded a first by our impartial panel. The breakfast wrap was less impressive, but I put this down to the lack of ketchup (my laziness instead of their inefficiency). I was a big (and solitary) fan of the prawn wrap. The egg mayonnaise, on the other hand, failed to convince even the hungriest of journalists.

The new risotto is much improved on the old haddock-laced one and the couscous was light and delicious. Nouse’s Politics Editor Kate Goligher described it as “spicy hot”, but then she is Northern Irish. Can’t please everyone.

Without a doubt, the most impressive item on the menu has to be the pancakes. Warm and delectable, served with butterscotch sauce, they are guarenteed to brighten up even the darkest of days. If that doesn’t work, there’s always the mixed berry pancake bonanza (my word, not theirs).

The roundup: First – steak wrap, Second – pancakes, third – crudités.

The Courtyard offers their ‘Round the World’ menu with a different meal for £5 every day.

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