MUSE: May 4 2010

Image: jeffk42

Image: jeffk42

Here at Nouse, we are not known for our abilities to let things go. Terrified of becoming replaceable, most section editors approach production with the zeal of the Vietcong, willing to fight to the death for what they (on Quark) believe in. I thought I was outside this group. However, as I screamed into my phone outside the Library: “W­­hy are they fucking with my baby?!.. Of course I’m not bloody overreacting!”, I realised I might have been wrong. Exam stress had got the better of me, you see.

Many moons ago, as a naive Deputy Politics Editor, I stood in front of Nouse’s hustings and claimed I was going to alter the very way that MUSE was run. It was going to be a well-oiled machine, I was going to be the captain of my very own battleship and we would never, ever miss a Drama Barn review. I’ve always liked my little jokes. As ex-Editor Henry James Foy pointed out, I promised to use more colour in the magazine. I direct you to Street Angels (M10-11). As he would say, better late than never, yaaaah?

Delegation is an art that has been perfected this week. As the pressure of half my degree intensified, I retreated to my bunker (the reading room) and sent messages beyond enemy lines from afar. Some say it was cowardly. I consider it efficient. There have been numerous stars this edition. I can say, hand on heart, that you would not have this beautiful, Seaworld themed edition without the hard work of Features’ very own Liv Evans. Mia de Graaf also deserves a special mention for her looming skills and clogs, as does the ongoing patience of my beautiful Editor and beautiful Deputy Editor. Thank you for humouring my whims and telling me to get out off the office when it all got a bit much. I honestly don’t know two people I’d rather lead the troops with.

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