Big rewards for a bigger Union

Sitting outside with several pitchers of Pimms, the conversation turned to campus events. The conclusion? “But events on campus are rubbish!” 

Before you get too excited, the possibility of creating a new student centre on campus will be masterminded within the next ten years. Yep, you heard it, a decade. Although it might not affect our time at York, unless we stay on for numerous YUSU elections or complete a PhD or two, it’s still something to consider. A new bar could hopefully have the effect of enticing bigger names to York for events as they would actually have somewhere to perform. Bigger, better and more frequent on-campus events can only be a good thing, right? Perhaps not. 

Although the state of affairs on campus is likely to change somewhat in the next ten years, the current climate of student habits and campus bars cannot be ignored. We students are creatures of habit, with a fairly strict social timetable of which clubs to be in on any given day. Would another student space on campus be treated with the same ambivalence as the other university bars?

the current climate of student habits cannot be ignored

We’re always looking for ways to cut corners financially. A club on campus would mean that one could stagger safely home in five minutes after a night out, rather than paying for the benefit of having to hold back your gag reflex in the back of a taxi on the return journey from Ziggy’s. 

The other question is whether the centre would migrate to shiny new Hes. East, or remain in the crumbling concrete Western haven. This obvious question does have a rather obvious answer; a new hub would be a great way of populating the ‘ghost town’. 

It would hopefully be much more than an on-campus party venue. If we follow the University of Warwick’s footsteps, a centre for literally everything at university is clearly necessary; as a friend from that institution- who wanted to be quoted as the ‘Authority on socialising, recreational activities and getting down in general’- mentioned, the SU building is a “hub of activity, for food, pool, pub, clubbing, market” – the list was endless.

So many other universities have this near-essential facility, that aside from the cost, (Warwick’s renovation cost £11m) I can’t see a downside. Being able to enjoy a night out right here on campus seems like a win-win situation to me.


  1. 4 May ’10 at 9:09 pm

    Warwick ex resident

    The huge difference between York and Warwick is that Warwick is 20/30 mins bus from anything at all. Campus has to compete with Heslington, Fulford, and the actual City of York isn’t exactly miles away. Warwick is very isolated in comparison, so on campus students have no where else to go – meaning it is a much more developed campus hub.

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  2. 4 May ’10 at 10:38 pm

    Campus Event Defender

    This whole “campus events are rubbish” annoys me somewhat.

    Some of my best nights this year, as a third year, have come at Campus events.

    Club D’s get people excited, get people talking – in a way no Ziggys, Gallery or Tru, sorry, Salvation, ever could. Even Vanbrugh’s had a lot of successful events this year.

    Okay, some colleges have struggled and continue to due to poor venues, but I’d say in my time at Uni campus events have gone from okay, to poor, and now they’re really on the rise. To say “Campus events are rubbish” is really disrespectful to the JCRCs and Officers who make them happen.

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