Badgered out of security

Moving out of the safe and contained hub of student on-campus accommodation is one of the most stressful non-curricular activities students face when coming to university. At universities with greater collegiate homogeneity, such as Oxbridge, students don’t have to contend with the challenges of corrupt landlords and heating bills, as they often stay in college; however, York students are faced with another set of problems when choosing potential houses and housemates after just a term at the University.

But one of the biggest advantages for students at York is the amount of student accommodation available across the city. If you want to be close to town, go for Heslington Road. If you want a convenient and modern place, go for Hull Road. If you want safety and security, go for the more residential areas, such as Badger Hill.

The government legislation introduced last month will actively discourage landlords from renovating houses in student areas, and eventually distance students from more residential areas. The claims outlined in letters to residents of the Badger Hill community were nothing short of disgraceful. The implication that students in some way harm the local community and give nothing back to the economy is unfair and misinformed. the assumption that all students are lazy, noisy and unhelpful is a pertinent representation of misguided stereotyping. Student ghettoisation would be nothing short of a backwards and detrimental move for students and residents alike.

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