Incremental site redesign

Over the past month the team has been conducting user experience testing on our visitors. On a number of page loads, visitors were shown a possible future design and presented with a pop-up with which they could feedback on the change.

Significantly, exactly 75% of all those presented with one of the designs (the new header design above) found that they preferred it. Reasons given ranged from “gr8!!!!” to “I really like the colour black and the colour white”.

This higher contrasting of text and background colour will be incrementally rolled out across the rest of the site over the next two months, subject to more user experience tests. We will also be seeking to establish contact with other media outlets, most notably the York Vision, with a view to increasing consistency across both sites.

“I really like the colour black and the colour white”

Test subject #2

Not only is this change preferred by the majority of our users, it is also a boon for accessibility on the site (see here for a page developed by Microsoft experts on the subject). The changes will greatly enhance user experience for poor-sighted people such as the over-60s, enabling grad students at York to better interact with the rest of the community on York Nouse.


  1. You could have at least tried to do something believable…

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  2. 1 Apr ’10 at 1:01 am

    Miranda Fay Thomas

    Happy April! Nice work.

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  3. 1 Apr ’10 at 1:13 am

    An April Fool

    I love it!

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  4. I’d just like to thank both Nouse and Vision for being so co-operative in choosing a post-merger logo.

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  5. I wonder who at Nouse or Vision will be laughing on October 1st after Two Term Tim springs his Summer surprise…

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  6. Unfortunately I’ve had to revert this change, apparently rebranding the site isn’t allowed… :,)

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