Arrest made of laptop theft

An individual has been arrested in connection to the recent theft of a laptop from the University library

Photo: Jason Lozier

Photo: Jason Lozier

The police have recently announced the arrest of an individual in
connection to the laptop and wallet stolen from an Eric Milner-White
Court A Block study bedroom last week.

Although the laptop and wallet have not been recovered, the victim of
the theft, Ollie Oates, says he is pleased an arrest has been made
as this will ensure that “it doesn’t happen to someone else.”

Oates stated: “I think it’s important the police follow up such
incidents [because] I’m never going to see that [laptop] again.”

Over the past week, Police Chief for the University of York, Jon-Mark
Buchanan, has outlined theft-prevention plans for the most vulnerable
areas of campus. Buchanan says these plans include “one-to-one [chats]
with students about any of their concerns.”


  1. Although Fatty accepted, “contributory negligence” for leaving his laptop unattended in the library

    hahahaha :’)

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  2. 18 Mar ’10 at 10:00 pm

    Martin Luther King

    OMG! You just did a racism.

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  3. Not really racism, it was just the fact they used his surname, which is also an adjective, in that made it seem as if they were calling him a fatty. My surname is laughable and can be used as an adjective too (not really keen on posting it online, tbh) so I would find it funny if some one did it to me..

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  4. as a law student he should also know that he is using contributory negligence in the wrong context

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  5. Worth reading in conjunction with Vision’s “It’s crime time” piece.

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