The Visionary

Bryce Aime arrived from France in 1998 and quickly secured his honours from Central St Martins in 2005. His made-to-measure service has been seen on the likes of Rhianna and Saide Front, and his show at On/Off proved his credible design talents.

I’m noticing the use of both graphics and textures in your collection- where do your ideas develop from?
I’ve always liked to take the graphic approach to my work, cutting both in and out. I like my clothes to be flat and well fitting. Also monochrome and specific lining played a part.

Is there is a particular woman that you like to see wearing your clothes?
Although it appears that my clothes are naturally made for tall people, they can always be adapted to accommodate everyone. However, my look is one idea that I like to rework throughout different seasons. This season, I looked at the style of the Ancient Egyptians, particularly the key elements that influenced them.

It was all very angular…
The mummies and the wrapping of the bandages around them interested me. I was aiming to take the past and make it look futuristic.

You’ve used a lot of purple- any particular reason?
Yes, I used purple and also a palette of burgundy.-The aim was to lift the colouring and also I think they fit well together. I’ve always wanted a very compact collection.

And do you take inspiration from street style?

Not really, street style makes a statement but designing is more a philosophy. The street is very interesting, but taking a look from the street is very rare- more of a phenomenon. The street is a result of something, mainly a result of personality.

Are you enjoying London?
I love London. After 11 years here, yes. If I didn’t like it, I would go back, no?

Do you watch your catwalks backstage on a screen?
Yes, we have a monitor, a shit TV- but not much. I watch it afterwards, but it’s not the same. It’s like when you say to a friend, watch this great show: but you’re using a laptop.

It must be so frustrating to never see your own shows.
It’s like a funeral. You never get to see your own funeral. It’s the same thing.

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