The Trio

Dagmar, the brainchild of Swedish sisters Kristina, Kari and Sofia, create versatile, wearable designs for women of all ages. They are able to create clothes reflecting their own ages, 20s, 30s and 40s. The sisters have been awarded many fashion awards, including Best New Designer by Swedish Elle, for their ability to unite glamour and tailoring with fine materials.

What has been your inspiration this season?
From a woman called Ida Rubenstein, she lived in Russia, but travelled to Paris to study ballet in the early 1920’s. She was very provocative, dancing naked, sometimes only in veils. She had tons of jewellery and loads of admirers living an extravagant lifestyle. But she also started a hospital to take care of the war veterans showing two sides to her personality – a masculine and feminine side. We enjoyed putting that together in our clothes to create the collection.

How long has the brand been around?
It was developed five years ago, and we are just launching in the UK – this is our first time at LFW.

How does the dynamic of the team work?
We are really family orientated as Dagmar is actually our grandmother’s name. She was, herself, a tailor and inspired us to design and nurtured out interest in textiles.

Where do you see your brand in 5-10 years?
It is really nice to be in England – we’ve had a great response to the launch so far, so we are looking to expand over here now. We are quite big in Scandinavia and it would be great to achieve equal recognition over here too.

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