Nouse Playlist

Macho Melodies

With last week’s Mother’s Day playlist leaving us feeling a bit fragile and um slight confused by its Oedipal undertones, this super macho manly playlist is undoubtedly the cure.

I Punched a Lion in the Throat – Pulled Apart By Horses
Seriously, what could be more macho that giving Mother Nature a punch in the face?

No Pussy Blues – Grinderman
Less a Blues song and more the shouting of very, very frustrated man.

Starving in the Belly of a Whale – Tom Waits
Just listen to that voice and don’t tell that isn’t the voice of a real man.

Motown – Harvey Milk
Yeah I know it’s called Motown, but it has a kick-ass manly riff.

In the Navy – Village People
If all else fails, join the navy – always a manly haven.

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