MUSE: March 16 2010

Image: fl0yd/hyp0th3rmi4, Claire Sinden

Image: fl0yd/hyp0th3rmi4, Claire Sinden

Despite my best attempts to avoid campaign season, I somehow found myself in L/N/028 on Saturday night as the election results were announced. After a trip to the YUM room (more out of curiosity than actual need), a member of The Yorker asked me if they could do an interview. They had mistaken me for a newly elected Sabb, you see. I explained who I was and he said: “Oh God, you’re no use at all. Go away!” This, I feel, adequately sums up the election experience had by MUSE. We are present without a purpose. Decorative, some would say.

Those in Nouse quickly learn that during production week, the paper is king. Senior Ed do not look kindly on pleas of housemates’ birthdays, essay deadlines or complaints of exhaustion. While noble, this attitude can come as a shock to those not used to our ruthless ways. Last edition, I found myself missing a fashion shoot photo on Monday morning. I called the photographer but his phone was off (it was 6am). As the deadline loomed, I resorted to drastic measures. I imagine his wife was quite surprised when she received a phone call from me. Her husband was next to me, she explained. He was tired. Did she need to wake him up? Yes, she did.

The math for this edition didn’t look good: 24 pages of fashion, 24 pages of MUSE, not to mention essays, elections and assessments. Still, onwards and upwards. I cannot convey the amount of work that has gone into this edition (although I’m going to try really hard). All sections responded to my pleading emails and got their pieces in early, writers were harassed and the fashion team went above and beyond – twice. We even managed to theme MUSE. Yes, we’re that good.

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