Making the student opinion vocal

Over the last two weeks campus has been busily filled with the sights and sounds of the YUSU elections. I am always impressed by the way so many students actively engage in this process, setting the direction and priorities of the students’ union for the coming year ahead.

I want to urge our final year undergraduates to seize another opportunity to help shape the future direction of the University.

Now in its sixth year of running, the results of the National Student Survey (NSS) has become one of the key pieces of information used by prospective students to decide where to study and used by universities to understand how they can best serve their student body.

Last year, the survey ranked us fifth in the United Kingdom in terms of teaching standards, with 12 academic departments and the Hull York Medical School (HYMS) ranked in the top ten for their respective disciplines. But we are certainly not complacent, and it is just as important that we find out where you think we could do better.

Now it is your chance to help the students following you

Where the NSS pinpoints particular areas of concern, action plans are drawn up with the departments concerned to make sure that improvements are made. Students on departmental boards of study help oversee that process.

In 2009, our response rate was in line with the national average and the indications so far are that there has been another good response from York students this year. However, we want to make sure that the information it gives to us is as comprehensive as possible. You only have a limited time left to make your voice heard.

I know that with only one term to go, final year undergraduates have a lot to occupy them and in that context some may think that the survey is something that can be safely ignored. However, by completing the survey, students before you have helped shape your experience. Now it is your chance to do the same and help the students following you to get the most from their university experience. We hope you will take that opportunity.

You can find the National Student online at It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to complete, but it will make a big difference.

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