Kids’ Camp must be allowed to continue with its good work

There is a core collective of people attending this University who will maintain, with the utmost fervour and honesty, that Kids’ Camp is the best thing that a person can get involved in at York. Right or wrong, it is undeniably a massive benefit to the community.

By offering children from troubled backgrounds a week away from home and the opportunity to make lasting friendships and take part in otherwise inaccessible activities, the entirely voluntary effort is a great chance at making a big difference in the York community.

All too often students are accused of taking away from their neighbourhoods. The noise, litter and temporary nature of most student rentals are often cited as a nuisance for residents, something to try and deter. In this instance, it is a case of a student body that is entirely beneficial to the community. To take this away is a sad withdrawal from something that this Union essentially has a responsibility to maintain.

Kids’ Camp will be replaced by Kids’ Club for the time being, but this is not an entirely suitable a fix for the solution. It does not offer the invaluable opportunity to give children from backgrounds less fortunate than the average student something that most Britons take for advantage: a holiday, a time away from stress.

While these are young children, when faced with a lack of opportunities or difficult upbringings, the stresses and problems which they endure day to day are just as problematic as the average person and they are just as deserving of a break as anyone else.

YUSU has taken on far more than another activity, but a responsibility to the city of York

Kids’ Club gives disadvantaged children a good time week in week out, but can be no replacement for a much valued opportunity to provide them with a much needed break from problem homes.

In running this project for so long, YUSU has taken on far more than simply another activity, but a responsibility to the city of York. To claim that it “costs so much money and time” as reasoning for accepting the scaling back of Kids’ Camp is unacceptable.

It would be cruel to let down one of the most vulnerable and needy groups in society, who may well have been expecting the chance to get away and have fun for a week, because the time was not made or the monetary funds diverted to overcome issues of liability.

This could not come at a worse time either, as local government is in its worst position for some time in terms of ability to pick up what YUSU is dropping. It is doubtful that they can afford the funds to run such a scheme now.

A solution to the problem must be achieved; to let down those with the least is needlessly unfair.


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