Exit polls reveal Hutchings to win Presidency

Exit polls have been released predicting that Oliver Hutchings will win Presidency over Tim Ngwena by 6%. Roberto Powell also followed close behind Ngwena and Hutchings.

Laura Bo was shown to win Welfare Officer over Peter Medley by a margin of just 1 percent.

Sam Ashfahani was predicted to win York Sport President against Rob Newton by 5 percent, and Dan Walker was shown to have a 24 percent lead over Chris Etheridge for Democracy and Services.

Nick Scarlett took a 23 percent lead over Kathryn Unsworth for Student Activities Officer, and Ben Humphrys was predicted to win Academic Officer over Jason Rose by 11 percent.

The polls are are based on a random sample of votes from the first 24 hours of voting and are in no way definitive – last year Tom Langrish took a 4 point win over rival Tim Ngwena for the Presidency in the polls.

2188 ballots were cast in the first hour of voting and turnout across the board was 4180 (25%), a two percent rise from last year which follows the national trend.

Speaking to Nouse Hutchings commented, “as nice as it is to see that I am in front on the exit poll, I was on Tom Langrish’s campaign team last year where there were almost parallel results for him, so I know that the polls are nothing to rest on”.

Tim Ngwena echoed Hutchings’ sentiment, stating that the results are “an exact copy of what happened last year, they show that we’re all very close to each other so we’ll just have to wait and see”.

The results of all YUSU positions will be announced tonight, live at the Courtyard and on the Nouse live election night blog.


  1. Who was predicted to win last year?

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  2. Are these right?!

    I think it should read ‘since monday Nick Scarlett has
    consumed 24 courtyard burgers and pints of Fosters’!

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  3. That would be me. lol.

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  4. Surely “Exit polls reveal Hutchings to win Presidency” is just factually incorrect. The exit polls predict it, they don’t reveal anything. People might get the wrong idea…

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  5. I believe the exit polls were also wrong for Rich Croker and Colin Hindson back in the day.

    Back in the day refers to the 1920s.

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  6. ps. I’d really appreciate it if you guys voted for me next year’s elections. I know it’s a bit early, but I’m doing another MA.

    Note by moderator: This is probably not Oliver Lester

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  7. Do Nouse have a policy of not mentioning Dave Hansen?

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  8. The second Oliver Lester wasn’t me. It was probably Samuel Houlders, after his fantastic win of YUSU Huggy Bear Officer.

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