Production: Fusion
Venue: Central Hall
Rating: ***
Runs: 5 to 6 March

Whatever your preconceptions of Fusion may be, tonight’s show proved to be a passionate and dynamic display of some of York’s biggest societies. No-one was quite sure which direction this year’s committee would take, especially after the ambitious ‘Twisted Fairytales’ theme was announced. How would this enigmatic concept deliver on stage? Despite rumours to the contrary, the overall product was well-organised and well-delivered.

The opening sequences began a little awkwardly and the theme seemed somewhat contrived. Perhaps courtesy of first night nerves, the models in the initial acts had a tendency to confuse posing with acting. The opening acts’ overt self-consciousness somewhat undermined what was otherwise a homogenous collection of clothes (although their relevance to the theme is still in debate). Indeed, after hearing rumours from various high street shops about their hesitance to lend clothes to the Fusion committee, after they were returned in poor condition last year, it was unclear what standard of fashion we could expect. However, we were not disappointed. The models were predictably charming to look at and the outfits were befitting.

The smoke and the whispery intervals between scenes provided some atmospheric intrigue, but the lighting further undermined the audience’s ability to fully appreciate the clothes.

Inevitably, the dancing scenes dominated the entire show. The ballroom scene in the second act displayed a wonderful degree of chemistry and was performed impeccably. The ‘Peter Pan’ scene was powerful and proved to be the defining element of the show with its unique choreography and show-stealing dancers. The show culminated into an ostentatious yet captivating finale incorporating all the members of the show. The combination of dancers and models on stage was somehow clumsy and didn’t synthesise as well as could be hoped.

Fusion proved to be a fun and entertaining event which the most of campus will happily appreciate. Whilst the theme was not wholly represented by the scenes and was undoubtably lost in translation, this did not prevent the overall product from being anything less than delightful.

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