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Fusion…IS TODAY. And the rehearsal schedule, from what I’ve heard, has been beyond crazy for dancers and models alike

Fusion…IS TODAY.

And the rehearsal schedule, from what I’ve heard, has been beyond crazy for dancers and models alike. They’ve aimed for perfection and all will be revealed later on tonight – I’ve heard rumours about a few very special Fusion-esque extra effects, not to mention the fact that there’s going to be a rather unique finale! That’s all I’m saying for the time being…

But for now, I’ll concentrate on an area which I haven’t before given a great deal of time to: clothing! There are about 15 student designers from within the university who have made costumes for some of the modelling scenes this year, and I was granted an exclusive to Nouse sneak-peek at one of the dresses for the show.

Unfortunately no photos were allowed, as obviously not too much could be given away. Therefore, I have had to find my “way with the words” to describe what can only be deemed a textile masterpiece sewn by Vanbrugh first year, Hanah Mamoojee…I entered her room with William Booth, one of the Fashion and Beauty Directors, entirely unsure what to expect, only to find Fusion model, Maria Risman, clothed in a very noble (hint hint) creation: a corset made complete with appliquéd bows and lace detailing; elbow length gloves; and a train that even the late Monsieur McQueen would have tipped his hat to. The dress is very much reminiscent of Marie Antoinette and the Versailles era, yet combines this with the temerity of the 21st century. Topped off with a pair of killer heels, the look made myself – and certainly Will almost burst with excitement – not only wonder how she had the time to make it, but also the actual vision to create it in reality.

Will was definitely lost for words at the time, but I later asked the designer about her inspiration for the outfit, and how she went about making it…

“It was really hard to come up with something in the first place…so the first few weeks of term I just brainstormed a few ideas. I wanted to do something really striking and out there, so I looked as a few couture gowns by John Galliano and then we watched Marie Antoinette one night, cause my twin loves that movie and we went to Versailles for our eighteenth, so that’s where I got my main inspiration from.”

Caption: Kirsten Dunst, as the lead in the film 'Marie Antoinette'

Caption: Couture dress by Galliano

Caption: Couture dress by Galliano, part of Mamoojee's inspiration

Hanah was very very modest about her dress, but also said: “I’m deffo nervous to see it in action, but I’ve seen Maria practising in it before and it seems like it will be okay…I’m just excited to wear my own dress to the after party! Hopefully my dress will stand up to the other student designers.”

I can however, give you a peek at the preliminary sketches Hanah made for her design, both front and back!

And I can assure you, if all the other dresses are up to the same standard, Fusion will not fail to disappoint on the student design front.

Hanah will be wearing her creation to the Fusion after-party, allowing us all another chance to catch her great work up close and personally! The Fashion and Beauty Directors, Will Booth and Cecily Cole, have also procured a number of items from both high-street and high-end names for the modelling scenes…I will doubtless be envious by the end of the show, for sure.

I’ll be bringing you another blog après the after-party, which by the way, is to be held at Judges Lodgings, and will be a continuation the theme of twisted fairytales complete with drinks deals including flavoured sambucca shots…apple, orange, mango, raspberry, cinnamon and banana…for £2! If that’s not enough of a reason for you to get your ticket – all the proceeds are going to RAG, and it’s nearly sold-out, so I hear…so get your after-party tickets now, Fusion lovers!

The show, ‘Telling Tales’, opens tonight, so enjoy!

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