Breaking it, the statistics of our Hustings liveblog, down for you

First off, tonight’s Hustings was genuinely the most enjoyable night I’ve had in some time. You’re bound to take that with a pinch of salt, being the unsolicited opinion of a great night out from an out and out nerd, but ask anyone who saw it and I think they’ll agree.

Attached to that preamble, I invite any unfortunate souls who missed it to check out the YSTV recordings which are now present on the YSTV site (of course), and our own election candidates page.

Now, for the statistically hungry, I have good news: you broke a record!

The comment count on our live blog for tonight’s Hustings is currently sitting at 195, which hands down beats previous articles.

You might have guessed this already, or possibly don’t care very much, or perhaps both, so I now hastily change tack and re-theme this post with a list of our most commented-on articles:

Top ten most commented articles on Nouse:

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I’ll admit to a bit of luxurious disappointment that we didn’t break the 200 barrier outright, but am heartened there are still big events ahead in the coming days and we could just make it still.

And lastly, budged along to the bottom of the post, I end on a grand finale of raw numbers for you to explode in ecstacy over.

This funny looking picture shows the number of open connections to the website. Normally, the website receives its traffic spread out all over the space-time continuum, so open connections at any time tend to be never more than 4 or so.

The liveblog changes that by keeping the connection open until you close the page, so you see above, we had roughly 40 people connected at any one time.

The interesting thing, and I’m rediscovering this here, is that on conferring with our Google Analytics stats, the average time spent on each visit to the page was no more than 5 minutes, meaning those 40 people were continually changing at quite a high rate (one every seven seconds).

One last gobsmacker of a statistic before I really must go:

Since the liveblog received 1,500 pageviews, it follows that a whopping 7,500 minutes of your time was spent on that page.

Well done to Charlotte, Laura, and Victoria for blogging, and Nousies Hannah, Hannah, and Camilla for mining quotations.


  1. There is an MRTG graph that specifically tracks the Meteor liveblogging server ;)

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  2. Yeah, but this one’s the same shape and size in the hustings part and slightly more interesting because it shows the connections before :p

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