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The first performance of Fusion’s show, ‘Telling Tales’, for those of you who have been entirely oblivious is in just six days, in Central Hall. The rehearsal schedule is frantic for models and dancers alike, the Committee are busy to an extraordinary degree, and tickets are on sale now. I have but one piece of advice: go go go! From all I’ve seen, heard, and been confided in the last few weeks, this is a show you will not want to miss.

This week I’ve been chatting to Tim Green, Technical Director, and Simon Burrell, Music Director about their experiences of Fusion. They’re both involved in extremely “behind the scenes” roles, adding to the final product that we’ll all be seeing next week.

Hey Tim. So, um, Technical Director…that means what, exactly?

I work really closely with Rose – we work out how it’s all gonna actually come about on stage…she has the ideas and I say how we’re gonna make it look like that. It’s all about entrances, exits, effects and equipment, that sort of thing…staging, lights, smoke machines…whatever you want!

How did you start out with all of that?

Rose would throw words at me and we’d look and change it and design. It’s the techies who make it look like it looks… so if it looks good, then we’ve done a good job. It’s hard to explain to people who don’t do it, it looks like you’re just flipping a switch.

And are you stressed?

Not yet, but I’m sure there’s plenty to come. Why bother stressing?

What’s your biggest worry?

Getting stuff delivered… and with the financial aspect, the technical area is the biggest thing that Fusion spends its money on. We’ve had free-flowing budgets in terms of sponsorship and how the events do. Ultra-vires ruling makes things difficult, so we’ve had lots of meetings with Helen and Zoe and Rhianna.

What made you the right person for this position?

I worked a whole load of tech stuff at school and as assistant at the theatre in my gap year.

Do you have any last words for the Fusion lovers out there?

Come to the show and get involved.

Simon Burrell, Music Director, has been described as “immense”, a “legend” and “out of this world, a real dude” by various Fusion Committee members. Simon was also the Music Director for last year’s Fusion show, so has plenty of experience already. Having heard so much about this creative and mysterious character, I met up with him in Central Hall to see for myself the man behind the hype – and his poetic one-liner prowess certainly did not fail to impress…

How would you describe being Music Director, Simon?

I take water from many sonic pools and put them into one glass.

You’ve been described by some of the Committee as a bit of a legend…what do you make of that?

It’s me against the world.

Why did you think you got the position – do you think it was down to your previous experience from last year?

I was the only one to run. And maybe because I’m so tall and stuff.

How do you feel about this year’s show?

I really like darkness. It’s very different to last year’s shows, a down rather than up spectacle… if that makes sense.

Do you find it to be quite a lot of pressure for one person? Do you think people will like this year’s music?

I don’t give a shit what people think.

A refreshing perspective…

Like to be a controversial guy… I’d like there to be a blanket ban on Jack Wills.

Outside of Fusion circles, what kind of music are you into?

I like it deep, I like it loud, and I like it human.

And finally – any last words?

I’ll give you a lowdown on the creative team… Will and Cecily are Public Enemies Numbers One and Two for promising me a modelling cameo and then not delivering. Rose is a fantastic psychopath who has regular dreams involving decapitation. Cesca is responsible for the bad weather of late. Jeremy is buzzing non-stop and I cry myself to sleep every night because Danielle still won’t go out with me.

N.B.: Do not take offence, Fusion Committee, I’m pretty sure Simon was joking about you guys… although there may have been an element of truth in that he cries himself to sleep over a love that has been lost? Make of it what you will…

You can buy your Fusion tickets for Friday 5 and Saturday 6 of March now from YourShop both in Market Square and online or from Vanbrugh stalls from 12pm till 2pm everyday this week.

I apologise for all these lengthy blogs, Fusion lovers – it just appears that once you get the Committee talking about Fusion, they just won’t stop! I promise to be rounding off all the Committee chats this week, if I can catch the remaining members between their ridiculously hectic schedules! The effect is starting to wear off on me as well, though. On Tuesday I was asked about how Fusion works: 20 minutes later, I was still babbling on about it… and I’m not even in the show. Infectious enthusiasm? I think so.

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